Job Description - Software Developer Intern

Denver, CO, United States

Don’t spend another summer lamenting your rejection (or acceptance) from the “Summer of Code”, whiling away the days watching re-runs of Saved by the Bell or Red Dwarf, eating box after box of cereal.  Come and flex your brain and work with us!  Our day to day is spent developing conferencing software, but there are endless interesting projects we’d like to tackle that we just don’t have the time in the day for, perhaps something you’d like!  You won’t end up testing software in some cube farm, instead you’ll work with smart people in a very relaxed office atmosphere.  It beats trolling on SlashDot over warm Mountain Dew any day!                                          

  • Currently Enrolled in Computer Science or equivalent degree.


  • Write code, solve interesting problems, see the world (wide web), okay you’ve seen that before.
  • Work with a development team using the Agile (Scrum) life cycle model.


  • Problem solving and curiosity!  The projects you work on could be as varied as writing a chat client to run on top of our JVM (Avian) to coming up with new solutions for problems we work on all the time (trying a new approach to application sharing on Windows, for example).
  • Communication and collaboration, because if you’re going to be doing this for a living you’re going to have to be able to work with others to refine your ideas.
  • Intern-i-ness (not a word): you’re young, you’re new to the professional software game and that is fine!  You just need to be willing to listen and learn.

Technical Skills

  • Experience in an Object Oriented programming language: Java, Python, Ruby, C++, Objective-C, etc.  Granted you probably will or have seen Lisp dialects and others as well.
  • Experience with POSIX and Bash (not that we’d turn away you Korn Shell folks).
  • Database, web containers, and networking a plus!
  • Good CS fundamentals: algorithm design, data structures, parallelism, design.

ReadyTalk is an Equal Opportunity Employer