Job Description - Software QA Engineer

Denver, CO, United States

Part detective, part creative problem solver, part tech nerd, all enthusiasm. Quality assurance isn’t a check box on “Ye Olde Development Checklist”, it’s one of the most vital pieces of the process. A good quality assurance engineer works with developers to find software problems and test and automate the process. The easy defects are the ones we write, the hard ones are system problems that we have to work around. Work with the team to provide excellent solutions to customer problems, with other enthusiastic people. Don your Deerstalker (that’s a Sherlock Holmes joke) and bring your passion for technology and your multi-faceted skill set with you, we may just have an excellent job for you.

  • Computer Science Degree and/or equivalent work experience
  • Automation experience required

What you believe…

  • You are a champion of Agile and TDD
  • You believe in 100% automation
  • You think holistically about quality
  • You have a realistic and healthy approach to risk and mitigation


  • Bring your years of experience to the table by injecting your expertise on quality into the developer mindset
  • Define, plan and execute test plans and test cases
  • Provide acceptance criteria on user stories and tasks
  • Discuss design and architecture from a TDD perspective
  • Highlight risks and drive mitigation plans
  • Drive test automation
  • Implement tests (using frameworks such as Selenium)
  • Create test environments that are automation-friendly
  • Define test data to drive automation results
  • Work with Developers to integrate test in a continuous integration framework
  • Define automation reports that track the quality obtained
  • Provide visibility on quality to the rest of the organization
  • Track and escalate issues
  • Raise and work to solve quality concerns with the team


  • Ability to communicate your ideas and work with others in a collaborative environment.
  • Familiar with continuous integration (with tools such as Gradle, Jenkins, Artifactory…), TDD (test-driven development)
  • Familiar with the HTML/Javascript/Java worlds
  • Knowledge of 1 or more testing frameworks such as JUnit (java unit tests), Selenium (front-end), Jasmine (Javascript)
  • Familiar with bug tracking tools (Jira)
  • Familiar with Cucumber for automation testing
  • Windows & Linux operating systems
  • Comfortable with Agile/Kanban/SCRUM methodology
  • Ability to establish clear priorities, meet deadlines and be a Team player
  • Attention to detail, diligent and rigorous work methods in delivering quality code
  • Experience of Responsive Design is an asset
  • Comfort with common operating systems: Linux, OS X and Windows
  • Familiarity with the installation process of software and software platforms (Java, Flash, etc).
  • Good written communication skills: the forensics of defect tracking!
  • Experience with SQL, VMWare, a plus. 

ReadyTalk is an Equal Opportunity Employer