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Join the Pros (from your office) at Eloqua's Virtual Road to Revenue Tour

Posted by Simone Nabers on
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Don't you hate it when your favorite band goes on tour and decides to skip your city? If you really want to go you have to fork over money for the trip plus a ticket - ugh! Talk about adding salt to your wound.

If you're a marketer looking for a forum of cutting edge best practices, tips and tactical advice on how to articulate a killer strategy to execute your next campaign, I have good news for you: The Eloqua Virtual Road to Revenue Tour.

Eloqua Virtual Road to Revenue Tour

The Eloqua Road to Revenue Tour provides marketers with a chance to learn and network with peers to help them succeed - and you don't need to be an Eloqua user, all modern markters are welcome. For those that don't have access to an event in or near your city, the Virtual Tour is right up your alley. This three hour event is a pick-and-choose format with six sessions ranging from calendaring for content marketing to account-based selling and webinar strategy for the sales funnel. And, we're teaming up with some of the best in the business - DemandBase, UBM Techweb, Kapost and more. Stay for one or stay for all - check out the full agenda here.

Join us August 1, 2013 for the Virtual Road to Revenue and see how your peers are targeting, engaging and converting prospects to customers, and customers to champions. Experts will provide examples of how to engage in education and awareness through consideration and close. Attending the Virtual Road to Revenue event is entirely free!




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