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Customer Spotlight: American Marketing Association

Posted by Mike McKinnon on
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ReadyTalk is the conferencing provider for the American Marketing Association. For the past three years, the AMA runs their weekly webcast series using ReadyTalk’s webinar services. The series focuses on marketing thought leaders as they cover today's most relevant marketing challenges.

The AMA has conducted over 100 webinars on the ReadyTalk platform. They use the ReadyTalk service to capture all registration data for the event, send out reminders and conduct post event follow. The polling feature is used to calibrate the content to the audience and all Q&A is moderated through the chat feature. They are also able to record and edit all of their events with ReadyTalk’s recording interface.

After the event is recorded, the AMA adds the recording to their resource library for members to access later. They are also able to add each recording to a podcast feed that ReadyTalk hosts free of charge. The resource library allows the AMA to increase their member benefits with educational material and in turn, this helps drive membership as well.

Here is a recording of our latest event co-hosted with the AMA,  “Integrating Webinars into your Marketing: Make Your Next Event the Centerpiece of an End-to-End Campaign.” I encourage you to check it out to get a glimpse of the type of content that the AMA provides to their members.

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