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Learn How to Plan, Learn How to Hire

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On June 12th, Shawn Cardinal will present Ensuring Web Seminar Success: The Planning Stage. Shawn has been an effervescent trainer and master of ceremonies for hundreds of web seminars. According to Shawn, the planning stage often separates the events that are just ok from the events that are outstanding. We decided to focus his event on that critical planning stage.

On June 13th, we are proud to present Townsend Wardlaw, founder of Three Value Logic Sales Institute, on 21st Century Sales: Hiring Salespeople Who Work. ReadyTalk has partnered with Three Value Logic Sales Institute for several years. We are drawn to Townsend's passion and talent for creating great salespeople with innovative techniques.

If you are a franchisor or multi-unit operator, take this opportunity to subscribe to The Franchise Formula, a ReadyTalk-sponsored web seminar series that offers education and best practices from leaders in franchising.

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