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Come to my Party! Effectively Promoting your Webinar

Posted by Kelly Valdes on
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Have you ever thrown a party where hardly anyone showed? You end up sitting awkwardly on the couch with your chips, onion dip and creepy neighbor from next door. Has a similar scenario happened to you while hosting a webinar? It’s equally embarrassincome to my partyg and awkward to present the webinar you worked on so diligently and the only audience is your mother (since she’s your number one fan) and a competitor.

Have no fear, help is available.  ReadyTalk recently addressed this issue on webinar with communications expert Sharon Burton titled, “Getting the Response you Want: Promoting your Webinar.” Burton shared her content strategy knowledge and offered helpful tips to avoid the situation and ultimately address the problem of nobody showing up for your webinars.

Burton’s witty and straightforward personality make this webinar entertaining and educational every step of the way. Burton’s experience hosting hundreds of webinars is clearly evident.  By the end of the hour you can expect to master how to successfully produce a webinar description write-up and learn how to most effectively promote your webinars in order to maximize attendance to your webinars. Great examples are presented along the way, as well as helpful tips, tricks and best practices.

Disclosure: This webinar cannot help convince people to attend your house parties, but will teach you how to promote webinars more effectively to avoid no-shows in the future.

WATCH THE RECORDING: Getting the Response you Want: Promoting your Webinars


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