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Take a look at the redesigned Quick Launcher!

Posted by Michelle Nikolayevsky on
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With ReadyTalk, meeting has never been quicker!

We just released a redesigned and updated version of the ReadyTalk Quick Launcher. This desktop-based tool is ideal for quickly starting, inviting and joining meetings right from your desktop.


The new design of the ReadyTalk Quick Launcher. Easily start, invite and join any ReadyTalk meeting.


With Quick Launcher you can:

  • Save time by starting scheduled and on-demand meetings directly from your desktop
  • Invite others to your meeting by copying and pasting meeting details into IM or email
  • Quickly access Conference Center to schedule and view upcoming meetings
  • Start your audio meeting by entering your phone number and be automatically dialed to join.
  • Easily join another ReadyTalk meeting with the 7-digit access code

And with a chic new interface, meeting never looked this sleek.

Don’t have Quick Launcher? Download it today for Windows or Mac. And for more information on other ReadyTalk Productivity Tools, visit the ReadyTalk website.

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