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Use webinar recordings as part of a great marketing mix!

Posted by Michelle Nikolayevsky on
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Recorded Webinar Content

You’ve just finished recording your online meeting or webinar. Now what?

It is a commonly acknowledged fact among marketers that content is king. Knowing how to leverage your content with an effective marketing mix can help you reach larger audiences. Think about it this way: one piece of content can be used in multiple ways and multiple channels. Using your recording as your starting point, here are five ways to give your message the most mileage:
  1. Blog Posts: If your content is rich in helpful tips and best practices, turn it into a blog post, or a series of blog posts. Embed a link to your recording to drive inquisitive minds back to the source for more information. 
  2. Social Media: Turn the important pieces into social media content! Use relevant quotes and tips as short tweets and Facebook posts. Make sure to tag or mention your presenters, helping increase both your traffic and theirs. They’ll thank you!
  3. Whitepapers: Establish yourself as a thought leader. Use the recording to leverage the important information into an educational whitepaper. This will be useful to your audience and help establish you as a subject matter expert. Make sure to include a link to the recording within the print.
  4. Embed Your Content: Generate excitement by embedding the content into a press release. Or share the recordings on social media from your ReadyTalk account directly to Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Drive Lead Generation: Place your recording on your website. This allows prospective customers access to your content on their own time, helping drive your lead generation efforts. 

Want to get started with your ReadyTalk recording? Check out the ReadyTalk Recording Management Guide to get started.. And have some tips on how recordings have been helpful to you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.



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