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Web conferencing supporting green business?

Posted by Michelle Nikolayevsky on
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When going green, internet conferencing is a great way to go. Here are some small reminders why internet conferencing is great for the environment:

Cut Down on Travel

A green business strategy can also be a cost effective one. We are fortunate to live in a time when we can quickly and easily connect with anyone, anywhere. And with features like video conferencing, VoIP, application share and more, collaboration doesn’t stop because of distance. Before spending the money and the emissions associated with travel, think how much you can save with a web conference.  

Leveraging Content

No wasted paper here; record meetings and keep them archived and ready for access whenever needed. Leverage recordings as part of your social media mix, as podcasts, as the basis for other content…you name it.

And the best part? Keeping it all digital means you don’t have to print!

With less travel and less printing, internet conferencing is already helping you save the world. What other ways has internet conferencing helped you become more green?

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