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Driving More Value from Webinar Recordings in Eloqua

Posted by Anita Wehnert on
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While hosting a live webinar is valuable in and of itself, the recording of that webinar provides an awesome opportunity to continue to drive value after the live event. Including a link to the webinar recording in follow-up emails to attendees and no-shows is standard practice and many marketers are starting to use webinar recordings as assets in their content marketing efforts.

Whether you use the recording in the post-event portion of your Eloqua webinar program or market an on-demand webinar as part of a standalone program, how long a prospect viewed your recording is a key indicator of engagement. And, capturing this data in Eloqua opens up a wealth of opportunities for lead scoring, audience segmentation, sales hand-off, and more.
With that in mind, ReadyTalk is excited to announce version 3 of ReadyTalk for Eloqua – our free AppCloud app. In addition to instantly updating Eloqua with webinar registration, attendance, and polling data, this new version allows you to automatically capture how long a prospect watched your webinar recording.
Now that this important data is in Eloqua, the possibilities are endless. You can increment a Contact’s lead score based on viewing time. For instance, add 1 point if they watched a recording for less than 5 minutes, 5 points for 5 to 30 minutes, or and 15 points for longer than 30 minutes. And, if they watched the entire recording, you may consider them sales-ready and route them to a rep for immediate outreach.
Here's a brief introduction to help you get started with the latest ReadyTalk Connectors.


Follow-Up after the Live Event

For a live webinar, building this functionality into your Eloqua program is easy:

  1. Add the new ReadyTalk Recording Registration Connector into the post-event workflow before the steps containing your follow-up emails.
  2. The Connector will create a unique playback link for each Contact in your Eloqua program and capture it on the webinar data card.
  3. Then, simply pull this field into your “thank you” and “sorry we missed you” emails sent from Eloqua.


Capturing Webinar Recording Data in an Eloqua Program

The new ReadyTalk Post-Recording Connector runs in the background to check for views and updates the webinar data card with playback date and time plus the number of minutes viewed.
Webinar Recording Data Card in Eloqua

On-Demand Recording Promotion

You can also create an Eloqua program specifically designed to promote a webinar recording that prospects can view at any time:
  1. Create a new Eloqua program and an on-demand webinar data card.
  2. Include the new ReadyTalk Recording Registration Connector at the top of your program.
  3. The Connector will create a unique playback link for each Contact in your Eloqua program and capture it on the on-demand webinar data card.
  4. Then, simply pull this field into an email inviting each prospect to view your on-demand webinar.
As with the live webinar scenario, the new ReadyTalk Post-Recording Connector runs in the background to check for views and updates the on-demand webinar data card with playback date and time plus the number of minutes viewed. In addition to the Recording Registration and Post-Recording Connectors, the new ReadyTalk Recording Feeder can be enabled to constantly check recordings on a specific ReadyTalk access code for new playback information to import. The Recording Feeder creates new Eloqua Data Cards for viewers with an email address that match an existing Eloqua Contact record.

Learn More

If you are interested in learning more about our webinar platform and our integration with Eloqua, we would be happy to schedule a demo tailored to meet your needs. You can also view a brief recorded demo, access an in-depth Getting Started Guide, install the app, and more from our AppCloud listing. Finally, we are hosting a webinar featuring experts from Eloqua, ReadyTalk, and Compendium sharing 10 tips for taking your Eloqua webinar programs to the next level. Register to join us on 12/5.

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