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Are You Guilty of these 4 Common Screensharing Mistakes?

Posted by Teresa Lawlor on
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Clean up that messy desktop before screen sharingWebinar Success owner, Ken Molay, recently posted his recommended best practices regarding screen sharing in webinars. While at first his tips may seem obvious - as Ken goes on to say - “the more obvious these suggestions seem, the more you will overlook them in the rush…”

1. Turn off email

2. Reduce animation effects

3. Clean up your desktop

4. Clear your browser history and organize your favorites

I couldn’t agree more. While we all have great intentions in preparing ahead for our online sales demos or lead gen webinars, the reality is we often log on right before our meeting. It's time to stop that and start thinking of your desktop as a welcome mat for visitors.

We host a lot of webinars at ReadyTalk and have seen it all. If your desktop looks anything like your desk (or mine) it’s not going to help build trust with your audience and can actually create doubt in your participant's head regarding the quality of the content, product, ideas or documents you are presenting.

Be aware of how you (and your desktop) come across when you are presenting to your audience. Visit our website for more best practices or sign up for one of our free live trainings to learn more about host webinars or how to screen or application share on ReadyTalk's web conferencing service.

Have you ever had something embarrassing come across your desktop while screen sharing? Do tell.

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