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BAM! ReadyTalk Wins Influitive's 2013 BAMMIE Advocates Unite! Award

Posted by Teresa Lawlor on
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Bammie Award logoAdvocate marketing expert, Influitive, believes there's no better salesperson for your products and services than a happy customer. But as we all know advocates do more than sell – they make every marketing and sales program better – more efficient, more authentic and more engaging.

This came to light on January 16 for Bo Bandy, ReadyTalk's Customer Advocacy and Brand Manager, after she was presented with the 2013 Advocates Unite! BAMMIE award in San Francisco. ReadyTalk was recognized as a company that has "catalyzed the greatest advocacy momentum in support of its business." That's pretty meaningful for a company that touts its mission as "Creating WOW through service and technology." ReadyTalk's culture and innovative audio and web conferencing technology create happy employees which in turn results in happy customers.

ReadyTalk Summit Club Screen

The ReadyTalk Summit Club, launched in September of 2013 and now boasts more than 200 advocates, who are" challenged" to do everything from reading a blog post to being a referral for a potential sale. ReadyTalk advocates score points that can be cashed in for prizes. 

"Our customers are passionate about ReadyTalk and willing to share their experiences with others; they are also open to giving us feedback and suggestions--a trait we love," Bo said. Our work with Influitive has provided a platform for engaging these customers and rewarding them for the positive things they were already doing on our behalf."

If you are a ReadyTalk customer and haven't signed up to participate, you can do so here.




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