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ReadyTalk for Government Agencies

Support teleworking employees and meet sustainabilty goals.

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For Government Agencies: Telework and Sustainability

Many organizations, including government agencies, are facing mandates to increase the number of employees who telework or telecommute. With ReadyTalk’s easy-to-use audio and web conferencing, implementing telecommuting programs are painless, so your organization can realize the numerous benefits of telework.

Benefits of a Telework Programs

For government agencies implementing telework programs, ReadyTalk’s audio and web conferencing can help you realize a variety of benefits:

  • Company productivity: employees who are working from home aren’t affected by office closures, weather and other unexpected issues.
  • Reduced facilities and related costs: Because employees are working at home, they don’t need permanent offices or cubicles, which also reduces related costs including power and water bills, security, parking, maintenance services, etc.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Eliminating or reducing employees’ commutes has a substantial environmental impact.
  • Employee engagement: Telework programs can boost employee engagement because workers get a more flexible schedule and the elimination of daily commutes, which saves them time and money.

Tools for Every Employee

Collaboration & Teleworking

  • Comply with approved Telework/COOP legislation while meeting budgetary guidelines
  • Multi-platform support
  • Share applications and desktop
  • Multiple options for starting a meeting

Webinars & Events

  • Provide training and agency-wide updates on policy changes
  • Record the session so those who didn't attend can listen and watch later
  • No downloads for attendees - makes it easy for everyone to join

GSA Contract Holder

ReadyTalk’s secure audio and web conferencing services, including webinars, enable federal, state and local agencies to meet with confidence. ReadyTalk's tools are designed so that it is easy to collaborate with colleagues, share information, telework and train employees. Currently used by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and numerous other agencies, ReadyTalk is experienced in meeting the specific needs of government organizations and provides flexible, custom solutions to meet their needs.

ReadyTalk services are available through our GSA contract number GS-35F-0084X on GSA Advantage! For more information, visit the GSA Advantage! site or contact our Government Sales team.