Custom Integrations with the ReadyTalk API

Streamline webinar and training processes, increase data accuracy and speed sales follow-up when you use the ReadyTalk API to integrate web conferencing with other key business systems.

The ReadyTalk API is field-proven in integrations with third-party applications like and Eloqua as well as with a variety of proprietary website registration forms.

Web conferencing platforms and other applications can’t automatically “talk” to one another. Getting data from one platform to another often involves tedious, manual tasks, reducing efficiency, compromising data accuracy, and delaying sales follow-up.

What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a specific set of rules that software programs can follow to communicate and share data with each other. An API doesn’t accomplish integration and communication on its own – a developer must write code using the specifications outlined in the API to enable the programs to interact.

With the ReadyTalk application programming interface (API), you can seamlessly integrate ReadyTalk web conferencing with other key business systems, including:

  • Proprietary registration forms
  • Third-party registration systems
  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Marketing automation systems
  • CRM solutions
  • Learning management systems

The ReadyTalk API allows an application to programmatically share data with ReadyTalk, eliminating the time-consuming task of manually moving data between systems.

Share Data Between Applications

When you integrate with the ReadyTalk API, you can share registration and attendance data between ReadyTalk and other key applications – saving time and increasing data accuracy. ReadyTalk gives you the flexibility to choose which application handles each step of the process and the resulting data – from capturing registrations to sending confirmations to driving followp.

Let’s say that you want to use a registration form on your corporate website to capture webinar registrations. When you integrate with the ReadyTalk API, you can automatically pass registrant data from your site to ReadyTalk and trigger a confirmation email to that registrant. The email contains a registrant-specific “join meeting” link and all of the other details about the meeting.

Imagine you want to record webinar registration and/or attendance data in your CRM or marketing automation system. With the ReadyTalk API, you can build an integration that captures data automatically so you no longer have to waste time manually downloading data from ReadyTalk and uploading it into another system.

Tools and Support to Succeed

Integration is straightforward with the robust and well-documented ReadyTalk API. Start by defining your desired workflow; then work with your developers (or your third-party application vendor) to build the integration.

ReadyTalk also provides access to a sandbox environment for development and testing. With our comprehensive API documentation and technical support, you’ll quickly build a successful integration with our service.

To help you develop a successful integration using the API, ReadyTalk offers:

  • Support for integration via SOAP or REST technologies
  • Comprehensive API documentation, including sample code
  • Sandbox environment for development and testing
  • Access to technical support

Start Using the ReadyTalk API Today!

For more information on the ReadyTalk API, contact ReadyTalk Customer Care. If you are a software vendor interested in integration, please contact the ReadyTalk Partner team.