Individual Webinar Kits

Have a specific Webinar Survival Kit tool you'd like to download? Simply select the specific tool from the list below to have it emailed directly to you.

Not sure which tools you need? Check out our webinar program bundles for tips on which tools will help you plan and run successful webinars!

Competitive Webinar Tracker

Track & follow your competitors webinar programs.

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Sample Webinar Program Manager Job Description

Breaks out the skills and responsibilities you'll need to hire.

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Webinar Budget Template

Estimate webinar costs, promotion costs, budget analysis and more.

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Webinar Business Case

Build a compelling business case for your webinar strategy.

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Webinar Checklist

A list of everything needed to run a successful webinar, start to finish.

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Webinar Evaluation Template

Evaluate your previous webinar and build best-practices for future webinars.

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Webinar Maturity Assessment

Track and assess your Webinar program's performance over time to make improvements easier.

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Webinar Plan Template

A mini-marketing plan for your webinar strategy.

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Webinar Presenter Evaluation

Compare and score potential webinar presenters, side-by-side.

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Webinar Promotions Calendar

Provide your marketing and sales team a singular calendar tracking upcoming webinars.

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Webinar Project Mgmt Template

Manage your upcoming, running and past webinars as well as their owners and managers.

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Webinar Risk Assessment

Outline potential webinar risks, their impact and how to mitigate them.

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Webinar RFP Template

Quickly build an RFP to send to potential webinar consultants.

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Webinar ROI Calculator

Easily measure your Webinars estimated & actual return on investment (ROI).

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Webinar Speaker Database

Keep track of past and upcoming speakers including their contact information and more.

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Webinar Strategy Workbook

Build your webinar strategy while tracking opportunities, objectives and timeframes.

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Webinar Topic Template

Webinar topic suggestions based on your existing customer personas.

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Webinar Vendor Evaluator

Evaluate and score potential webinar vendors side-by-side.

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The full Webinar Survival kit includes all 18 kits listed above, giving you all the tools you need to make sure your next webinar is prepared for anything.

  • Make the case for a webinar program.
  • Know your webinar competition.
  • Run more tactical webinars.
  • Make webinar administration easier than ever.
  • Quickly evaluate the effectiveness of your webinar program.

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