Job Description - Software Engineer

Denver, CO, United States

Job Description – Conference Center Software Engineer
Web two point what? Clogging “the Intertubes” with all your XmlHttpRequests? Silly buzzwords aside, we’re looking for web developers from hot shot rookies (“the future is long polling Comet servers and duck typing”) to salty old dogs (“back in my day, we did it all with CGI and only used Lynx”) and everyone in between. 
Web Development is an ever changing landscape of frameworks and ideas and it can be a jungle to navigate, but the savvy developer can transcend fads to find appropriate tools to solve the task at hand. At ReadyTalk we’re looking for clever, dedicated developers who enjoy what they do. Whether it’s interfacing with existing systems (OpenID gets more popular every day) or pushing forward with new frameworks, it’s a fun and exciting job that always leads to new ideas. And ReadyTalk is a fun, relaxed place to work. Plus, free beer! Did we mention the beer? Just saying.
●Bachelors degree in Computer Science or equivalent degree
●Flexibility to work outside of business hours as a release schedule requires
●Design and develop web applications: from front end to persistent store to server side issues.
●Work with product management to define user features and scope releases.
●Problem solving. How do we make a task easier, how do we make it run more efficiently, how do we make it more maintainable and stable?
●Curiosity: what’s on the horizon in web development, what’s been done and what doesn’t work?
●Ability to communicate your ideas and work with others in a collaborative environment.
●Understanding the Agile development lifecycle.
Technical Skills
Full Stack Developer
●Java based web frameworks: Spring, Hibernate
Web services and all things REST and maybe SOAP
●Web interface development: AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, etc.
●Messaging: JMS, ActiveMQ experience handy.
●Relational Databases: PostgreSQL a plus
●Build processes and tools: Gradle and what have you
●Can you use a *nix shell?
●Scripting languages! Groovy, Bash...ksh?
●Understanding cross-browser compatibility and debugging