Job Description - Software QA Engineer

Denver, CO, United States

Part detective, part creative problem solver, part tech nerd, all enthusiasm. Quality Assurance isn’t a check box on “Ye Olde Development Checklist”, it’s one of the most vital pieces of the process. A good quality assurance engineer works with developers to fix problems and find their causes. The easy defects are the ones we write, the hard ones are system problems that we have to work around. Work with the team to provide excellent solutions to customer problems, with other enthusiastic people. Don your Deerstalker (that’s a Sherlock Holmes joke) and bring your passion for technology and your multi-faceted skill set with you, we may just have an excellent job for you.

  • 3+ year experience in software QA
  • Automation experience preferred


  • Work with an Agile software lifecycle model (Scrum) to test our software products to prepare new features to be released into production.
  • Write and maintain test documentation.


  • Ability to communicate your ideas and work with others in a collaborative environment.
  • Understanding the Agile development lifecycle (Scrum).
  • Familiarity with technology: a good understanding of software and computer systems.

Technical Skills

  • Comfort with common operating systems: Windows, OS X, and Linux.
  • Familiarity with writing and executing automation tests.
  • Good written communication skills: the forensics of defect tracking!
  • Experience with SQL and VMWare a plus.