ReadyTalk Builds on Integration with HubSpot

New Capabilities Allow Customers to Better Link Webinar Participation to Actionable Marketing Insights
DENVER, November 18, 2015 – In order to help joint customers more readily assess and act on key marketing and lead generation metrics, ReadyTalk, a leading provider of online conferencing and webinar services, today announced a closer integration with HubSpot. The improved integration allows customers to connect new data points on webinar attendees with their existing HubSpot lead profiles.
The integration refresh most notably permits webinar organizers and marketers to ask post-event survey questions as well as pull and analyze chat data on specific individuals – both important indicators of an attendee’s interest and engagement. On a logistical level, the integration already enables webinar registration to take place through a branded HubSpot landing page, all HMTL email confirmations and reminders originate from HubSpot, and attendance status, duration and specific poll responses are passed through to HubSpot.
The sum of these capabilities supports marketers and automation managers in their efforts to gather information during a webinar, rather than overloading invitees with pre-event lead qualifying questions, and to leverage valuable webinar data in tailoring follow-up interactions.
“We believe in empowering our customers via inherently available data to create more effective, authentic and informed interactions with their webinar attendees,” said Beth Toeniskoetter, product strategist, ReadyTalk. “This HubSpot integration is the next logical step to seamlessly providing that data to marketers where they’re already working with future customers.”
ReadyTalk and HubSpot’s shared emphasis on putting customers at the center of everything they do makes the integration a natural fit that will continue to see capability improvements. With it, customers can continue to use tools they have already invested in, while collecting and managing lead generation data from different channels on a single platform. All data can also be pulled into concise reports or passed through to a CRM platform.
“It is HubSpot’s mission to help our customers improve how they do business and this integration with ReadyTalk is a prime example of that,” said Arjun Moorthy, VP of business development and channel sales, HubSpot. “The improvements to this integration will allow our shared customers access to more data and insights that will ultimately help them refine their marketing efforts for even better results.”
“ReadyTalk’s new HubSpot integration capabilities and enhancements are an absolute lifesaver for me as an automation manager,” said Sam Warren, marketing technologist, TraceGains. “Adding the ability for ReadyTalk to push out chat data and post-event questions and responses is a no-brainer, and saves me entire days of work.”
About ReadyTalk
ReadyTalk delivers audio and web conferencing services that inspire collaboration and enable the Future of Work for today’s increasingly digital and mobile workforce. By combining intuitive, innovative technology with unmatched customer service, ReadyTalk provides a seamless collaboration experience for anyone, across any device, platform or location. Everything you need, anywhere you are, for before, during and after your online event. ReadyTalk is headquartered in Denver, CO and was founded in 2001.
Aaron Motsinger for ReadyTalk