ReadyTalk Doubles Down on Marketo Integration

More Insightful Data Points Provide Added Context on Webinar Attendees’ Business Needs, Roles and Pain Points
DENVER, January 6, 2016 – In an effort to provide shared customers with the most advanced lead scoring and nurturing insights available, ReadyTalk, a leading provider of online conferencing and webinar services, is building on its existing integration with Marketo.
Improvements to the integration include the ability to view mid-event poll responses and answers to post-event survey questions, attributable to specific attendees, as well as log attendance duration and entry/exit times. Additionally, webinar organizers and marketers can pull explanatory qualitative data from individuals’ chat interactions, rather than solely relying on quantitative chat count metrics.
Organizers can also continue to use Marketo’s Design Studio to market webinars and drive registrations, provide unique “Join Meeting” links to each registrant and record traditional indicators like attendance status. Having these insights and activities synced with lead profiles in Marketo eliminates several cumbersome, time-intensive, manual processes that hinder timely, tailored confirmations, reminders and follow-up. In place of the manual processes, marketers can instead create a Marketo Smart Campaign to easily segment contacts based on various types of webinar activities, and provide the sales team with higher quality prospects.
“When it comes to feeding data points into marketing automation or CRM systems, it’s supremely important to be able to drill down to the level of the individual,” said Beth Toeniskoetter, product strategist, ReadyTalk. “Knowing exactly how a certain lead responded or engaged can have a significant impact on how your team follows up and differentiates future communications with that person.”
ReadyTalk’s integration with Marketo goes above and beyond many similar integrations available in the marketplace. With the ReadyTalk and Marketo integration, customers can leverage precise data rather than having to rely on summaries and guesswork based on basic attendance statistics. As with all ReadyTalk’s marketing automation integrations, practical data can be exported into organized reports or passed through to a CRM platform.
“Being able to extract data directly from our webinars into our marketing automation platform saves us a significant amount of time in data collection, allowing for quicker and more effective post-webinar marketing,” said Janine Willis, marketing technologist, Dude Solutions. “Without the combined power of ReadyTalk and Marketo, we’d have a much steeper mountain to climb in terms of qualifying and nurturing leads.”
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Aaron Motsinger for ReadyTalk