Readytalk Extends FoxDen Collaboration Platform to Workplace Meeting Rooms

Hardware/Software Combo is First to Use Beacons to Simplify Anytime, Anywhere Video Interactions
DENVER, April 27, 2016 -- ReadyTalk, a leading provider of online conferencing and webinar services, is expanding capabilities of the FoxDen collaboration platform announced late last year to include FoxDen Connect, an in-room video collaboration experience that launches with a single touch.
With FoxDen Connect, users can now not only engage in HD video conferencing between iOS and Android mobile devices or Chrome browsers, but also set up in-person meeting rooms for video interactions. A host’s mobile device automatically recognizes the presence of a meeting room via beacon technology and wirelessly initiates an onscreen FoxDen meeting, making FoxDen Connect the first solution to use beacons to start video collaboration.
For IT directors, facilities managers and audio visual departments, FoxDen Connect can dramatically reduce support time by creating a simple, straightforward way for employees to launch video collaboration meetings. It eliminates the hassle of messing with cameras, cables, dongles or even a power button.
FoxDen Connect is powered by an in-room system consisting of a Chromebox, RadBeacon, mic and speaker, and web camera, all provided by ReadyTalk. It also requires a display with HDMI input (TV, projector, etc.). The easy-to-install, sleek hardware package from ReadyTalk is then combined with the FoxDen software platform to allow for in-room participants and up to nine remote team members to connect via HD video and audio in seconds.
“Just as we streamlined on-the-go video collaboration with FoxDen software, we’re now making meeting rooms more suited for actually accomplishing work with this generation of FoxDen,” said David Chao, chief strategy officer, ReadyTalk. “Regardless of where they take place, meetings should be ridiculously easy and frustration-free to get off the ground.”
In addition to FoxDen Connect, the FoxDen software platform now also includes interactive features like live multi-participant view, screen-sharing, group chat, mobile cloud document collaboration for Google Drive and Dropbox, and meeting invitations via Slack or any other productivity app running on a mobile device. 
“We’ve been using FoxDen for two months and it’s really changed the way we collaborate with our remote offices,” said Evan Berlin, VP of operations, PaySimple. “We don’t waste time worrying about technology, so we can be much more productive in our team huddles. It helps our teams feel more connected.”
In terms of pricing, FoxDen is equally simple. Customers pay an inexpensive flat fee up front for each in-room hardware system and a monthly software subscription for access to each virtual “den.” Meetings are still free to join via a host’s unique meeting link for everyone other than the host, and the hardware installation can be handled in minutes without needing a degree in A/V. For more information on pricing, please visit:
“Our unofficial motto for FoxDen is ‘Ditch the dongles, dial-ins and downloads,’” continued Chao. “We want to obliterate technical obstacles standing in the way of face-to-face interactions, the free exchange of ideas and the Future of Work.”
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Aaron Motsinger for ReadyTalk