Change Your ReadyTalk Passcode

Need to change your Chairperson Passcode? No problem, use the form below to change your passcode. If you have any questions or need help, contact ReadyTalk Customer Care at 800.843.9166 or

If you would prefer, you can also change your passcode via telephone:

  1. Dial your ReadyTalk toll-free number and enter your chairperson access code
  2. Press * and enter your passcode
  3. Select 2 for Account Options
  4. Select 1 for Change Chairperson Passcode
  5. Enter the new passcode (must be at least 4 to 9 digits in length)
  6. Press #

Important Account Security Information

The Chairperson Passcode is a private code, used only by the conference chairperson. It is recommended that you treat the passcode as you do your ATM pin number.

For your security, do not share your passcode with others. Use caution when selecting a new Passcode, making it unique and difficult for someone to decode. For account security, your new passcode cannot be intuitive, or easy to guess. Examples of non-secure passcodes:

  • Sequential series of numbers for an entire passcode (examples: 12345, 4321, 23456)
  • Repeating digits for an entire passcode (examples: 1111 or 555555)
  • Digits matching the 7-digit access code (based on the last digits (examples: If the access code is 2824390, the passcode cannot be 4390, 24390 or 824390, or 2824390)