The UbiMeet team wants to help you be more productive and have less painful meetings. We designed a product that simplifies pre-meeting preparation and automates post-meeting deliverables. You may be committed to sitting in a conference room from 9:30 – 10:30, but you can take control of the time you spend preparing for and following-up […]

This post originally appeared on HubSpot Academy’s customer blog. Webinars are a great opportunity to educate your prospects and generate leads. Maybe you’re already hosting quarterly, monthly, or even weekly webinars. But the question is: what’s your webinar strategy? Do you have a process that you continuously follow for each and every webinar? That’s something […]

In today’s digital world, workplaces are finding better ways to collaborate to increase productivity and effectiveness. Companies are investing in collaboration tools, they’re restructuring how they approach meetings, and they’re acknowledging how important it is to open the lines of communication. Something that might not be as apparent, however, is what’s hindering collaboration in your […]

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