Webinars can be a fun way to connect with your clients and prospects, and traditional presentations can provide a lot of value. However, the average attention span continues to decrease with the rise of technology, so keeping your audience’s attention is harder than ever. To ensure your webinar attendees are entertained, make it point to […]

Webinars drive high quality leads and provide you with a great opportunity to offer value to prospective clients. While webinars are becoming more and more commonplace, we still get a lot of questions from marketers about best practices, stats and general information surrounding webinars. In response, we’ve gathered a variety of webinar stats that might […]

On Tuesday, we hosted a great webinar, Your Webinar Questions Answered: Tips and Tricks from the Experts, which included 3 ReadyTalk customers who truly are pros when it comes to running a webinar program. These three webinar experts included: • Kelsey Harms from Illinois Education Association • Sharon Marchant from Profiles International • Jenn Lisak from […]

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