It’s important to understand what’s working and what’s not or meetings will continue to be unproductive and wasteful. But why aren’t organizations gathering information from meeting goers? Listening and responding to feedback— both positive and negative—will help you conduct better meetings in the future. To gather useful meeting feedback, follow these four steps: 1. Create […]

Further up and Further in We’ve been on the road about a month at this point. After starting in Denver, we headed east through Michigan and then northwest through Northern Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Canada. All is well minus a few scrapes and bruises, one minor breakdown, a hitchhiking chipmunk, and accidentally […]

Telecommuting is quickly becoming a more viable option in the workplace, making businesses more productive and employees happier. However, as work environments continue to transform, businesses need to evaluate what resources employees need to be successful and productive. Specifically, remote workers need to be equipped with the right tools so they can work anywhere and […]

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