Getting to Know You: ReadyTalk’s Cultural Interview Process

One of the most interesting aspects of ReadyTalk’s corporate model is our approach in hiring for culture. As most professionals have established norms around what to expect in an interview process, the cultural interview often takes applicants by surprise.

I recently attended a training with our CEO Dan King on the cultural interview process. The training encompassed why it’s so important to the knitted fabric of our staff and the practices that we’ve developed around this most important piece of the hiring puzzle.

In our training, Dan explained workplace culture as “how we work together to get things done.” The “how” in this definition is where values tend to come into play. When interviewing a candidate for culture, we want to understand what makes this person tick and what attributes they bring to the table. We want to know if this is a person that we would like to work with, and a person that—on the flip side—would also like to work with us.

The basic setting is a panel interview with four to five employees that will most likely be interacting with that candidate on some level. The actual interview is typically around two hours long, and the idea is to engage the candidate in a way that is value-focused rather than talent-focused. As there is a ton of gray area in this aspect of the interview, it can oftentimes feel less structured, more conversational in nature, and definitely less formal than your typical professional interview.

Some questions that we look to answer within the cultural interview are as follows:

  • What type of energy does this person have?
  • What are their core values?
  • What is this candidate passionate about?

Although talent and professional capabilities are both highly important parts of fitting someone to an open role, the cultural interview provides a way to better understand how they might fit into the greater context of the position and the company as a whole. If you’re interested in applying for a position and a possible shot at the cultural interview process, you can check out our open positions here.

Do you have any experiences with interviewing for cultural purposes? Is there a part of the process that you find interesting or perhaps have a different take on? We’d love to hear in the comments section below, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Meet Paul Carollo, Product Strategist

Paul Carollo, product marketingPaul is a  Product Strategist focusing on video products and the web meeting interface. In this role he interfaces with customers and customer facing teams extensively to help build and market features that solve customer needs. Paul started his career as an Account Executive where he gained a valuable overview of the web and audio conferencing industry. This foundation led him to his true passion of solving customer problems through product design.  

Outside of work you can find him in the mountains skiing, camping, hiking, and climbing with his wife Jess and his pup Huck.  

Connect with Paul on Twitter, @paulmcarollo, or LinkedIn

ReadyTalk Recognized for Marketing and Sales Alignment by DemandGen Report

DemandGen Report Sales and Marketing Integration AwardToday, DemandGen Report announced the list of companies recognized in the 2012 Sales And Marketing Integration Award Report. ReadyTalk is honored to make the list. 

This year, the marketing team at ReadyTalk has spent a lot of time and energy focsuing on sales enablement, developing and implementing tools and tactics to help marketing empower the sales force to maximize prospect touch points and close deals.  Mike McKinnon has blogged about some of the programs he's put in place and the report hits on the fact that all of the tools implemented are integrated with and Eloqua to ensure streamlined marketing and sales processes. Here are some of the things implemented in the past year*:

  1. Prospect Profiler
  2. Eloqua for Outlook
  3. ReadyTalk for Outlook
  4. ReadyTalk for Salesforce
  5. Eloqua Cloud Connectors for ReadyTalk

Implementing each of these tools is great but doesn't mean much without results. At ReadyTalk, we use several metrics to gauge the effectiveness of our sales enablement tactics. Some are specific to the tool and others are overall metrics. The most important of these are below:

Metric 2011 2012 YTD
Marketing Sourced Revenue 62% 75%
SQO to Close Rate 48% 52%
SQO to Close Duration 40 days 20 days





Tool Specific: Usage 1400 New New Added in Q2
Email Open Rate 30% (open rate for sales emails sent via Outlook)
Demos 60% attendance rate

What tools has your marketing team implemented for sales enablement? What's working and what isn't?

* Look for upcoming posts from Mike on each of these topics.


Meet Nicole Qualtieri, Inside Sales

Nicole QualtieriNicole Qualtieri currently slings ReadyTalk as a part of the Inside Sales team. Working directly with multiple departments within the company, the Inside Sales team fields all inbound leads, consults on product fit and pricing, and partners with Account Executives to deliver our product on a larger scale. Prior to working at ReadyTalk, Nicole has been a wrangler, a lacrosse coach, a camp counselor, a bartender, an AmeriCorps VISTA, and a lead generation specialist among some other strange endeavors. She is also known to catch bats and other small animals that have found their way into the ReadyTalk office.

Outside of her professional life, Nicole has performed stand-up comedy and storytelling, is passionate about all things writing-related, is an avid equestrian, and fosters a pretty intense addiction to personal challenge and growth.
Connect with Nicole on Twitter–beware, her Twitter is more comedy-related than work-related–@nkqualtieri, or of course you can always connect with her on LinkedIn.

Meet Shawna Barnhart, Product Marketing Manager

Shawna product marketing managerShawna is a Product Marketing Manager focused on integrating ReadyTalk conferencing into the programs and applications our customers use every day.  Being in product marketing makes her obsessed with learning more about our customers. She is currently accepting invitations to come to your office and watch you work, bagels included of course.
Being a startup junky, Shawna joined ReadyTalk after working at multiple startups in the Denver/Boulder area.
Outside of work, you can find Shawna in the mountains with her family, skiing, biking, hiking, swimming, or just sitting outside in the Colorado sun. She is also an avid reader of anything and everything and always looking for recommendations on new books to read.