Sales Enablement Tools: Eloqua’s Prospect Profiler

This year at ReadyTalk, marketing has seen a significant push to help our Account Executives get the right information at the right time before they make their sales calls. One of the tools that helps them do this is Eloqua's Prospect Profiler.

Eloqua gathers a massive amount of behavoiral information about your prospects. However, many times this information is the domain of the marketer since sales reps do not usually have access to Eloqua. Sales reps usually live in your orgnaizations CRM – in our case Salesforce.

Prospect profiler allows the rep to see a prospects activity within on their respective lead/contact record. Things like, pages v iewed, emails opened, links clicked, search queries used, forms filled etc. A rep can see all of these things before they make a call. As aresult, their phone call can be targeted, relevant and factual.

Prospect profiler also gives the rep the ability to see the email marketing sent out or the landing page the prospect visited. Gone are the days of sales asking marketing to forward over the most recent marketing email.

Because of prospect profiler, reps are more likely to call our lead score MQLs because now they can see what activities were aggregated for a particular lead score. They can also tell whether a prospect has opened an email or not before they call. No more of the dreaded " Did you receive my email?" questions.

Prospect profiler is just one tool of many we give our sales team to help them sell better. Are you using it or have you found another tool that works wells for your sales team?

Come to my Party! Effectively Promoting your Webinar

Have you ever thrown a party where hardly anyone showed? You end up sitting awkwardly on the couch with your chips, onion dip and creepy neighbor from next door. Has a similar scenario happened to you while hosting a webinar? It’s equally embarrassincome to my partyg and awkward to present the webinar you worked on so diligently and the only audience is your mother (since she’s your number one fan) and a competitor.

Have no fear, help is available.  ReadyTalk recently addressed this issue on webinar with communications expert Sharon Burton titled, “Getting the Response you Want: Promoting your Webinar.” Burton shared her content strategy knowledge and offered helpful tips to avoid the situation and ultimately address the problem of nobody showing up for your webinars.

Burton’s witty and straightforward personality make this webinar entertaining and educational every step of the way. Burton’s experience hosting hundreds of webinars is clearly evident.  By the end of the hour you can expect to master how to successfully produce a webinar description write-up and learn how to most effectively promote your webinars in order to maximize attendance to your webinars. Great examples are presented along the way, as well as helpful tips, tricks and best practices.

Disclosure: This webinar cannot help convince people to attend your house parties, but will teach you how to promote webinars more effectively to avoid no-shows in the future.

WATCH THE RECORDING: Getting the Response you Want: Promoting your Webinars


SurveyGizmo for ReadyTalk: Combining surveys and webinar recordings to improve your workflow

Today, ReadyTalk announced a new partnership with SurveyGizmo.  SurveyGizmo is pioneering the way companies use surveys online. After listening to their audience needs, they came up with a very inventive way to use a survey methodology to gather immediate feedback and improve engagement with customers. The concept is relatively simple: allow customers to take a recorded product demo, interview or webinar clip and embed it directly in the survey. People can watch the recording without leaving the survey and then answer questions specific to what they watched. 

It's a simple concept that has great potential for sales, marketing and training:

Recorded Product Demonstrations

Accelerate the sales process with an interactive online product demo. High tech companies know that customer prospects review their website and gather information long before they ever engage with anyone. Once they do, you are on the list to be evaluated for purchase but getting on that list is difficult and can string out for months.

Why not make that initial contact easier with a recorded demo that can be watched at any time and that asks relevant questions about their needs, pain points, buying timeframe, etc. This gives you plenty to talk about once you do engage with your prospect.

Want to take a look at a recorded sales demo? Check this one out.

Lead generation webinars

For most marketers, a key focus for webinars is a better ROI. Afterall, it takes a lot of effort to produce a live event so extending the life of it is a valuable next step. It’s easy enough just record your event and build a prospecting profile around it to gather information from your prospects.

Training and certification

Now you can create more interactivity for training attendees and setup a complete training library built with ReadyTalk recordings and questions incorporated with SurveyGizmo for ReadyTalk.

No matter if you need to train employees, certify product specialists, even train remote personnel, you can do it all online in an on-demand format. You can follow a training demo setup here.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, take a look at the integration in action or drop us a comment. We’ll give you more details and even get you setup.


Three Blogs Every New Inbound Marketing Manager Should Read

ReadyTalk Inbound Marketing HeadquartersNow that I've officially held the role of Inbound Marketing Manager here at ReadyTalk for a full two weeks, it's high-time I started to dole out expert advice on what you, our beloved readers, should be reading more of.

I would have gladly doled out said advice earlier than now but prior to being in a role for  two weeks, I likely would have only been qualified to write a headline such as:

"How to decorate your new cubicle like a pro" 

Seeing how articles like the above are a dime a dozen, what I realized what may be more worthwhile was a list of three incredible blogs that every Inbound Marketing professional should add to their RSS reader.



Unbounce Marketting Blog

Unbounce Blog (RSS)

Unbouince's blog is an incredible resource on everything from landing page optimization, improving conversion rates, A/B testing, and has created some of the most useful infographics around. 


The Content Strategist

The Content Strategist

Contently Blog (RSS)

The Content Strategist is a must-read for keeping up on content strategy trends in social media, blogging, and content marketing along with a collection of useful content strategy tutorials.




Copyblogger Blog (RSS)

Copyblogger is one of the essential copywriting blogs in my feed I read to sharpen my skills in SEO copywriting, blogging, landing page copywriting  and internet marketing in general.


While there's far more marketing blogs than just the above than just the above, these are the blogs I find myself reading nearly every morning without fail.  What are you reading?





ReadyTalk teams with Pardot to deliver webinar tips for small and medium businesses

One of the first things I learned as a marketer is to plan as far ahead as possible for a marketing campaign. I also learned very quickly that you don’t always get the time you want/need to execute the plan you have in mind. Thankfully, there are resources out there from marketers willing to share their ideas; what they’ve learned to do and not to do.

One of the most detailed campaigns you can spend time on is a webinar. There are lots of moving parts before you ever log in and start your live presentation. It may even feel like there is a huge learning curve to putting on a webinar, I know, I’ve been there before.

If you’ve done a webinar, you know there is a systematic process if you are to be successful. If you haven’t done a webinar yet, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Whether it’s your first webinar, or you’re starting to get the hang of them, spend an hour with Mike McKinnon, of ReadyTal,k and Adam Blitze,r of Pardot, and learn valuable tips for webinar campaigns.webinars

Get the skinny on content, process and technology. Find out promotional tactics that build an audience. Learn about choosing the right topic for your audience, reusing the content and most importantly, how to plan for a webinar so you get things done.

This webinar is July 12th, 2:00 EDT. Get registered now!