Want to work for the #1 Company in Colorado? Apply here for a position at ReadyTalk!

Engineers WantedReadyTalk Recruiting is working in full gear to fill the open seats we have in our brand new building in Downtown Denver!

We are very excited to announce the 3 new employees we have joined us this week.  Rick Rothenberg and Jim Reed will be joining our Engineering Team and Patrick Zeiher will be joining us on our Account Executive team. If you would like to be the next new member of the ReadyTalk family, we are looking for new ReadyTalkers on the business AND Technical sides of the house. Here's a bit more info:

Let’s start with the Product Owner. We are looking for someone that is equally comfortable working with geeks, business leaders, AND customers. ReadyTalk Product Owners are responsible for defining product features and seeing them through implementation. If this sounds like your dream job, check out the details

Secondly, we are looking for a Partner Marketing Manager.  This individual will be responsible for all ongoing marketing activities for Partner Programs. This includes developing effective joint marketing strategies and tactical marketing programs designed to successfully launch new integrations. If this is you, please apply.

Next up, we are looking for Account Executives who will be responsible for generating revenue and developing new business through list conditioning, cold calling, networking, social media and new/established verticals. We are looking for energetic, persistent and outcome-focused individuals with a passion for success. Check it out! 

On the Technical side:

Are you obsessed with software performance, paranoid about the security of programs, you write and daydream about highly available systems, and cringe at the thought of downtime?  If so, you are who we are looking for. Check out the details for our Server Software Engineer

If you are part detective, part creative problem solver, part tech nerd, and all enthusiasm we are looking for you!  Quality assurance isn’t a check box on “Ye Olde Development Checklist;” it’s one of the most vital pieces of the process.  A good quality assurance engineer works with developers to fix problems and find their causes. 

And finally, if you’ve told yourself time and time again that this was the last start up, or  you just spent another afternoon of going through process documents while choking on your “business casual” button up then maybe our Client Software Engineer position is for you! 

As you can see ReadyTalk has seats to fill and we want YOU to check it out! You can learn more about who we are and what we do here:  AND here. To keep an eye on ReadyTalk openings please follow us on Twitter @RTRecruiting and @ReadyTalkGeeks.


Think before you speak: Top 10 must-dos before presenting on a webinar

10 tips for presenting on a webinarYou were asked to present a webinar and you agreed — now what? Maybe you have presented at conferences before but never for a virtual audience, or maybe your only presentation experience is your annual gift of a "Cute Cats" calendar for your mom's birthday. Presenting a webinar is not rocket science but it does deserve some time and attention. ReadyTalk wants to help you make the most of that effort by providing 10 tips for presenting a valuable webinar!

If you're reading this blog then you are probably already a ReadyTalk customer, but just in case you're not, here are a few questions that you need to think about on most other platforms:
  • What third-party service is going to record my webinar so that I can repurpose it afterwards?
  • Do I need to hire an assistant to help with technical issues that my audience may experience?
  • What third-party group chat provider am I going to use to facilitate the chat Q&A?
  • What applications do I need to download to my computer and how am I going to learn how to use it?
Reserve your Webinar with the ReadyTalk Events Team and we will handle the recordings, broadcast audio transmission, technical issues and even provide an expert soundcheck and formally introduce your presentation! (Click here to get started for free).
So with those pesky service-related questions out of the way, what are the Top 10 Must-Dos Before Presenting on a Webinar? Here they are, organized into Logistics (both administrative and content-related) and Engagement:
LOGISTICS – Administrative
1. Reserve Your Webinar: This will give you the critical information that you need to start sending your invitations and marketing for registrations. Identify your target audience and reach them via email, websites, blogs and social media. Presenting on a webinar is much more fun when there is an audience there to appreciate it!
2. Test Your Computer: Any conferencing software should provide you with a link to quickly test your computer's compatibility in advance to easily avoid last minute technical snafus. ReadyTalk's link is here, and if you are missing anything, it will prompt you through the process to remedy the situation. You can also call our Customer Care Team 24/7 at 800.843.9166.
3. Location, Location, Location: Webinars are virtual affairs, so you don't need to consider nearby dining and retail options for your audience, but the location you choose from which to conduct your presentation is actually important! Find a space that offers the following: peace and quiet (no unwelcome background noise), a hard-line internet connection and a landline telephone (ideally with a headset or high-end polycom).
4. Test Your Presentation – Time: Run through your presentation (slides and all) before the live webinar to gauge the timing of your presentation. If you reserve an hour of your audience's time and run for 90 minutes they may not believe that you value their time. Similarly, if you only fill 15 minutes of their hour, they may be happy for the extra coffee break, but don't be surprised if folks drop off early during your next webinar. Set reasonable expectations to your audience and then meet them and you will see greater retention and stronger ROI.
5. Test Your Presentation – Tone: If your first glance at the presentation is immediately before the live event, you are bound to rely more heavily on reading rather than presenting. Your audience wants to hear your expertise and passion for the subject — know the slides and extemporize around them, adding color and context to the visual aids. Pace yourself slightly slower than a normal conversation, avoid filler words such as "um" and "like," and use pauses deliberately both to gather your own thoughts and to allow the audience to gather theirs.
6. Test Your Presentation – Transitions: Have a plan for the transitions between slides and segments or other presenters. Tie the visual elements of the presentation together by treating your remarks like a narrative, each slide should illustrate the point(s) you are making and set you up for the next point. Create transitions that are both fluid (or, even better, entertaining!) and light — give your audience opportunities to catch their breath and process the information you are giving them.
7. Narrow Your Focus: Most webinars are 45-90 minutes in length and as tempting as it may be, you will not be able to tackle all the problems of the world in that time! Beware of delivering over-generalized webinars — your audience wants to take away valuable and specific information that can help them in their own lives. Even if narrowing your topic from "Why Webinars Are Good For My Business" to "How To Use Webinars For Lead Generation" decreases your audience size, it will allow you to deliver more value and become more integrated into the success of your audience.
8. Use a Custom Introduction: Take advantage of the features at your disposal. ReadyTalk's Operator-Assisted Webinars offer the ability to write a custom introduction to be read by the operator at the beginning of your call. Use this to a create formality, communicate the housekeeping agenda and build buzz for the presentation. The most common question that participants ask is "Can we get the recording/slides?" so include this information in the introduction! There is an old public speaking addage that advises "Tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them and then tell them what you told them."  This introduction is your chance to lay out the map and build excitement in your audience.
9. Pre-Conference Entertainment: Mitigate early-bird distraction syndrome — the circumstance when a participant logs in early, gets bored, goes internet-surfing and never brings their full attention back to the webinar — by providing compelling introductory content during the pre-conference. Loop several slides starting about 15 minutes prior to scheduled start time — here are some ideas:
  • A title slide with audio information and the scheduled start time
  • A slide with presenter information
  • A slide encouraging participants to "join the conversation" on your social media pages
  • A slide marketing future webinars or discount codes
  • A slide featuring relevant industry news headlines
  • An interactive poll slide.
10. Plan Your Post-Webinar: It may seem counter-intuitive to pre-plan your post-webinar activities, but it will not only save you time and energy after your presentation but well-crafted post-webinar correspondence will increase your ROI as well! Create a post-webinar survey that solicits feedback on the presentation style and content as well as future webinar topics and opt-in for future communications (for example, "Yes, please contact me about using this service" or "Yes, please sign me up for your newsletter"). You should also plan and create your post-webinar email to attendees and no-shows in advance so it is ready when you need it — thank people for their time, participation and interest and include a call to action that keeps them involved in your business.
What are you waiting for? Schedule your next webinar today and put these tips to the test!

Check out other webinar best practices on our site: http://www.readytalk.com/support-training/best-practices-tips

ReadyTalk Heads to Eloqua Experience with Hopes for a Markie (or two)

Next week, ReadyTalk will be heading to Orlando for Eloqua’s annual user conference, Eloqua Experience.

We’ll be hands-on showing off some new features of ReadyTalk for Eloqua. This set of Cloud Connectors helps marketers understand prospects' buying behavior and move leads through the pipeline faster by integrating webinar data directly with Eloqua’s marketing automation platform. We’ve added some new features/functionality around webinar recordings, so if you’ll be there stop by booth #226 for a sneak peek. If you’re not attending, keep watching the blog for details.

If you’ll be at Eloqua Experience, be sure to attend JS, PhP, cURL Oh My! Form Reposting with Closed Loop Reporting for ROI on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. ReadyTalk’s Mike McKinnon will be presenting on how closed loop reporting, in conjunction with the campaign canvas, allows Eloqua users to gauge overall campaign effectiveness as measured by inquiries, generated activities, opportunities and ultimately revenue.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement, ReadyTalk is also a finalist for two Markie awards, which recognizes companies for a variety of marketing and sales achievements. For the second year in a row, ReadyTalk is a finalist for Sales Impact, which recognizes marketing organizations that have given sales teams the tools, technology and techniques that improve win rates, sales velocity or competitive advantage. We’re also up for Revenue Growth for a specific quarter-over-quarter or year-over-year revenue growth rate driven in large part by marketing campaigns and processes. To be a finalist among a very elite (and smart) crowd is an honor.

We look forward to connecting you at Eloqua Experience!

Reach Across the Globe with Web Conferencing Service: Quickly and Easily

global web conferencing Global communication is a critical part of business today. Organizations must communicate effectively with international customers, partners and colleagues in today’s global economy. With fully integrated international audio and web conferencing, ReadyTalk makes it easy, convenient and cost-effective to share ideas and conduct business around the globe.

Some of trends that continue to support web conferencing services for global business:

Reducing travel costs. We've all heard that web conferencing can help reduce costs of physical travel. It's not exactly a novel idea. But it continues to ring true with the ever increasing price of oil. Domestic and international travel costs continue to rise according to the New York Times article, Trapped in the Middle Seat.: "The Travel Price Index, which includes the key travel components of the Consumer Price Index, measures travel inflation. It had strong growth in 2011, gaining 4 percent from the previous year, reflecting the price rises seen throughout the industry last year. The trend should moderate this year, although travel prices are still expected to rise by 2.2 percent." 

Web conferencing can be a more productive and cost-effective tool to maintaining contact with businesses around the globe when you can't visit as often. Even while traveling, road warriors can be more productive by hosting conferencing calls with clients and easily joining online meetings on their iPad to keep in contact with their corporate office.

Making Less Equal More. Even though travel costs are growing, it’s still a global economy and that means corporate staff still needs to travel – albeit not as often. And when they do, it needs to be not only cost-effective but extremely productive. “We’re seeing road warriors taking fewer trips but making the most of them, making more stops and spending more on the road…the productivity explosion is a huge factor, and it’s being brought on by better travel management, better technology and making the most of their time on the road," quotes the same New York Times article.

Travelers can get a lot done while on the road: account executives can record product demos to share with prospective accounts while at the airport, project managers can easily dial-out directly to international team participants for a project status call, and a sales manager can quickly host an on-demand web conference with his team from his hotel room with a single click.

Running Cost-Effective and Efficient Online Events for Large Groups. Web conferencing only enables effective collaboration, it's also a wonderful way to host an event without leaving the office, shipping booths and collateral or flying in customers. Event managers can host online events without worrying about who will attend from where. This can increase an event's reach since participants don't need to incur travel expenses. Large numbers of participants can join a webinar from anywhere, can chat in questions and receive the materials after the event. Broadcast audio ensures great audio quality and social media sharing before and after the event provides access to all.

Web conferencing services will never replace face-to-face communication but it can enable more frequent and productive conversations among businesses and virtual teams across the globe. Looking for more ways to benefit from web conferencing? Download this whitepaper from Frost & Sullivan entitled, "Why Your Organization Should be Using Web Conferencing Right Now—Driving Business Value Through Technology."