1 Webinar = 19 Pieces of Content

Webinars are a time consuming endeavor. I was going to try to quantify the number of man hours required for a successful webinar, but I’ll save that for another post. By the time you come up with a topic, find and manage a speaker, invite attendees and put together an engaging slide deck, you’ve easily done a full day’s work and that’s just the start. It takes a lot of leads to reach a positive ROI on that kind of investment.

Using webinars for content marketing is another way to improve ROI. A single webinar can easily be re-purposed to fit other formats. In fact, we recently identified 19 pieces of content that can be created from every webinar.


Every webinar has components that must be created but can than later be re-purposed. Those include:
• Abstract
• Emails
• Registration page
• Slide Deck
• Polls
• Chat
• Q&A
• Twitter stream
• Archive page
• Recording
• Emails
• Transcription

So, if you are one of the 59% of marketers who do webinars, take the assets above and turn them into:

1. Promotional press release
2. A press release on key takeaways

Blog Posts:
3. Pre-event Q&A
4. Thought leadership post on the event topic
5. Speaker(s) guest post
6. Topic-related trends
7. Review the event Q&As
8. Analysis of the poll results
9. Key event takeaways

10. Interview with the speakers
11. Webinar preview “trailer/teaser”
12. Interview the speaker on key takeaways
13. Edit the recording to a short 2-minute clip
14. Post the entire recording

Other Content:
15. A new LinkedIn discussion from the poll results
16. Product sheets from the frequently asked questions
17. Poll results displayed in an infographic
18. Post the deck to SlideShare
19. Transcribe the webinar and turn it into an eBook

This is just the beginning. Webinars can easily be the secret weapon for generating content. Download this handy guide as your reminder of the 19 pieces of content you can generate from a single webinar. When you think of another piece, be sure to share it in the comments below.

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After the Webinar: How do you compare? [infographic]

This is the third installment in ReadyTalk’s series of  pre-, during- and post-webinar inforgraphics.  Today’s webinar infographic gives you some comparisons for post- meeting activities in the areas of qualified leads, marketing automation and content re-purposing. 

Be sure to check out the infographics on promotion and pre-webinar activities and webinar engagement benchmarks. How do you webinars measure up?

Post Webinar Success

Feature Friday: Creating an MP4

Visit the ReadyTalk blog every Friday to learn more about a ReadyTalk feature.  

Why use this feature?

Content is all the rage these days. Turn your recording into an mp4 so it’s easy to share with your participants…and really anyone else! With ReadyTalk it’s quick and easy, and allows you to share the recording through social networks and to upload in other mediums.

How to use this feature:

  • Log into Conference Center
  • On the ReadyTalk sidebar, select the Manage Recordings tab
  • First, click on the Podcast Feed Settings Tab

(Make sure Publish Podcast is checked. If not, check “Publish Podcast and then hit “Save” at the bottom. You will only have to do this once on per access code, as it will remember the setting.)

  • Next, select the Recordings tab in the sidebar, then select your recording from your recording list.
  • Check the Add to Feed (Edit) Box on the right of the screen. Enter a name for the podcast and hit save



  • Once complete, download the mp4 by clicking the Download link under manage recordings.


  • Finally, click Advanced Visual mp4. You will be able to save the recording to your computer.

To enable an .mp4 for mobile playback :

  • Simply hit “Add to Feed.” This action will automatically generate an MP4.

How have you leveraged your recordings? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Does Your Webinar Measure Up? [Infographic]

ReadyTalk recently put together a seires of infographics to help measure and benchmark webinar activities (see the first one here). As the second in the series, today’s infographic focuses on the webinar itself. What is a good registrant to attendee conversion rate? What are the best days to host a webinar and how many attendees are other organizations averaging?

Be sure to let us know how your webinar compares

readytalk infographic webinar