How to Write the Break Up Letter

I recently shared 15 Ways You Know It’s Time to Break Up (with your conferencing provider) because not every relationship is meant to last forever.

Once you have decided it is in fact time to break up with your current conferencing provider, it can be awkward to tell them that it’s over and that you deserve more than their web and audio conferencing services.

We want to make it easier for you, so here are a few ways to start your break up letter.

Dear Vendor,

It’s over and time for us to go our separate ways. It’s not me, it’s you. Here’s why I’m dumping you:

[Pick from the following list]:

  • You never listen to me
  • You don’t pick up the phone when I call
  • I always hear static when I am talking
  • Every time I need help you are never around
  • I feel like I have to do everything  all by myself
  • You are only available to me during the week, what about the weekends?
  • My participants have to download something in order to join, not cool
  • I don’t think you even want to focus on me, the marketer, and what my needs are
  • You cost me a lot of money, I need something more affordable
  • You don’t make it easy for me to record my event and then promote it later
  • You always make things so difficult for me
  • I don’t want anymore hassles
  • You just don’t get me and how I want things to work
  • I hate having to repeat tasks, why don’t you just integrate with my marketing automation tool or Salesforce?
  • I really don’t like it when you drop my calls, so rude
  • You just don’t care anymore
  • Your technology is always overshadowing what I do, I want to be the star in this relationship


ReadyTalk is right here and waiting for you.  We will support you through this transition and make sure everything goes smoothly for you.  And we will always take your calls, support you during your event/meeting and ensure that you always have the perfect online meeting and presentation. It’s our passion.

Want to learn more about transitioning to ReadyTalk? Check out: 5 Myths of Technology Transitions.

What We Learned: 3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today

What We Learned:  3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today

Yesterday, we hosted a great webinar on some new ReadyTalk features: 3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today. We heard from three webinar experts:

  • Lizzy Funk from Marketo
  • Candice Stennett, SCORE Association
  • Alex Shipillo, Influitive

They shared great insight into how they are driving more value from their webinar programs with a few simple-to-use features:

The audience for the event was highly engaged and asked some awesome questions. In fact, we thought others might be interested so we’re sharing those below.

You can also check out the on-demand replay of the webinar to learn more:


How do you handle Q&A sessions with Simulive.

Simulive events appear live to your audience, but are actually ReadyTalk recordings played in a live format.  Webinar organizers have the option to incorporate live content at the beginning and end of the presentation. This might include additional slides, poll questions or a live question-and-answer session. Chat questions can be answered throughout the webinar. This makes for a more engaging experience.

We do have customers who choose to use a ReadyTalk operator introduction with a standard or custom script to bring a live element without requiring any additional time from presenters.

If you don't have an expert log on for the Simulive Q&A, the viewers will not be able to have their questions answered.  Am I correct in this?

That’s correct. If the expert isn’t available for a question-and-answer session, then those questions can’t be answered in the live environment. That said, there are ways to work around this:

  • Have the expert available only during the Q&A period. This decreases the time needed from them.
  • Tell participants that questions will be answered in a post-event email or blog post.

Is there an additional charge for a Simulive versus a live webinar through ReadyTalk?

Simulive services are a standard inclusion for both Platinum and Gold Event Packages . For existing web subscriptions, it is available as an a la carte for an additional fee. Contact your ReadyTalk account manager or the ReadyTalk Sales Team (

What's the major difference between operator-assisted broadcast audio and self-serve broadcast audio?

Self-Serve Broadcast Audio allows you to schedule webinars with high quality one-way audio via the participant’s computer for up to 3,000 attendees, identify speakers in advance, send out separate audio information for speakers and participants and let your speakers dial into a green room before the call. It’s a complete do-it-yourself solution for great webinars.

Traditional Broadcast Audio does require Operator-Assisted services. The operator assists with pre-event actions (sound check, establishing the recording line and starting the event).  These events also require 24-hour advance scheduling to secure the operator. It’s a great option for your biggest and most important events.

Where is the green room located?

Webinars that use the Self-Serve Broadcast Audio feature include a private speaker room, which is commonly referred to as a “green room.” It’s a virtual room that allows the speakers to meet prior to the webinar to review materials, do a sound check and discuss the webinar. When it is time for the webinar to begin, the webinar organizer or moderator connects all of the speakers to the live webinar. At the end of the event, speakers can move back into the “green room” to debrief.

What do you do if you set up the webinar as a broadcast-audio event, but some attendees do not have speakers? Are users able to choose if they use speakers or phone?

Webinar organizers can choose to provide a traditional ReadyTalk dial-in number. This gives attendees and participants the flexibility to choose the option that is right for them.

What mobile app can participants use?

Candice mentioned that many of their participants connect to their webinars from their mobile devices. Currently, ReadyTalk has a free app for iPhones and iPads that allow attendees to join and participate in webinars from their mobile devices. An Android-compatible app will be available soon.  Download the mobile app now for iPhone and iPad.

3 Webinar Features You Should be Using to Get More Value from Your Webinars

3 Webinar Features You Should be Using to Get More Value from Your Webinars

“Am I getting ROI on my webinars? How can I make it be better?” These questions are often in the back of my head as I’m working on webinar planning and promotion. And, I know I’m not alone because we hear it from customers as well.

We recently rolled out a great tool for measuring you webinar ROI: the Webinar ROI Calculator (I know it’s a very creative title!). We also wrote about how you can Optimize Your Webinar Spending with the Webinar ROI Calculator.

The calculator is great for establishing a baseline and answering the first question – am I getting a positive return on my webinar investment. It can provide some clarity around where you might want to improve your program but it doesn’t give you actionable advice.

Join us for 3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today, a webinar that will that will give you actionable advice and answer the question, “How can I make my webinars better?”

On Wednesday, December 10 during a 45-minute webinar you can learn how three ReadyTalk customers are using three different features to get more value from their webinar programs.

 You’ll learn about:

  • Self-Serve Broadcast Audio: The ultimate webinar DIY tool.
  • Simulive: The engagement of a live event with the perfection of a recording.
  • Marketing Automation: Get rid of Excel files and data uploads.

The best part? These features are available now so you can start seeing more value today.

Register Now for the Webinar


Online Meetings Like a Boss!

Just because a meeting is happening online, isn’t an excuse for it to be a waste of time. Want to host better online meetings? Check out these 8 tips for running great meetings:

Use ReadyTalk to host online meetingsTip #1: Do you really need to have the meeting?

First consider do you really have to have this meeting?  Is there a way to use a collaborative document to outline topics and get feedback online or perhaps create a brief and get feedback and input prior to having your online meeting.  You may get the feedback and input you need without having to get everyone on a web/audio conference.

Tip #2:  Create an Agenda

Creating an agenda will help you stay on track and also help you get the right people in the meeting.  Include a topic, who’s addressing each topic, time, meeting location and concrete objectives.   And then don’t forget to send the agenda out ahead of time.

Tip #3: Keep it to 7 or less

Check your attendee list to make sure you have the relevant and appropriate people invited to the meeting.  Don’t invite unnecessary people.  If you have more than 7 people on the call, decisions become very difficult to make.

Tip #4: Prepare

Ensure you and anyone else who is presenting is prepared.  People should come to the meeting ready to address their topic and to answer questions about their topic.

Tip #5: Assign Timekeepers and Notetakers

In order to stay on track, it’s always good practice to assign a timekeeper to ensure people are sticking to the allotted time.  Also, assign someone or a few folks to take notes as topics are being presented and also ask them to note any action items and who they are assigned to.

Tip #6:  Review Action Items  & Next Steps

Give yourself time at the end to review all action items and confirm who those are assigned to and get commitment on dates when possible.    Also determine what the next steps will be – another meeting, a decision, regular follow-up via email, etc.

Tip #7: Evaluate the meeting

At the end of the meeting, discuss what worked, what didn’t  work and were the right people in the room.   By getting this type of feedback and input, it is helpful in honing in your skills to put together the best meeting possible in the future.

Tip #8: Follow-up

Send out the notes and action items to the group so they all have a record of the meeting their action items.  Also, let them know what the next steps will be going forward.

What are your tips for hosting great meetings?

4 Ways to Join a ReadyTalk Meeting Faster

ReadyTalk offers more ways than ever to meet online faster, right from where you are working. Join a webinar on the go from your mobile, schedule conferences from Outlook or join a collaborative meeting instantly from your desktop with tools designed to ensure every meeting is as connected as you are. Check out these 4 ways for faster meetings:

Join web conferences from your iphoneReadyTalk Mobile App

Probably the easiest way to start and join meetings is to download the ReadyTalk Mobile App for Android and iOS smartphones.  With the app, you get one touch meeting access, never forget dial-in details, and ReadyTalk meetings are automatically pulled in from your mobile calendar and prompts you 30 seconds prior to the meeting.  No more PINs, passwords or access codes to remember.  Download  it now.

ReadyTalk Launcher

Kick off a meeting in seconds right from your desktop.  With the ReadyTalk Launcher, you can start or join a meeting with one click, quickly invite others from the app or copy and paste meeting info into your preferred email and start the desktop share mode to make collaborating or sales demos faster. Try it now.

ReadyTalk Scheduler for Outlook

ReadyTalk Scheduler for Outlook allows you to setup and start meeting directly from Microsoft Outlook.  This tool is perfect for setting a sales demo as you can create web and audio meeting invites right from the Outlook toolbar.  It’s also great for training, you can invite participants and schedule trainings without leaving Outlook.  Collaborate on-the-fly by starting your meetings right from Outlook and have full access to app or desktop sharing and using the ReadyTalk tools.  Start using it today!

ReadyTalk’s Salesforce Integration

ReadyTalk’s Salesforce integration allows sales reps to schedule and start meetings and demos even faster and right from Salesforce.   Sales reps can start or schedule a meeting right from the Contact, Lead or Case record right from within Salesforce.  Demos are automatically captured as Salesforce activities freeing up sales reps to focus on selling while giving management valuable insight into performance. Get it here.