Does your tech company have what it takes to compete in the Colfax Relay?

Colfax Marathon Relay - high tech categoryLiving a healthy lifestyle is an important part of the ReadyTalk culture. When we hire, we look for teammates that, among other things, are energetic, passionate and nature lovers (learn more about our culture). A byproduct of this is that we end up hiring a lot of athletic people. We have Ironman competitors, marathon runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers, swimmers—you name a sport and we probably have an employee who competes. In fact, we even have the World’s Fittest CEO.

Our employees also enjoy the opportunity to participate in events together as a team. Every year, we have groups of employees who participate in the Colfax Marathon Relay. We had six teams compete last year; some were highly competitive and some were just out for a good time. It’s a great way to get some exercise, see the city and bond with fellow employees.

This year, our teams are excited to compete for a chance to win the NEW High-Tech Rotating Trophy. The trophy will be presented to the fastest High-Tech team (Software, Technology, Telecommunications, Broadcasting) for proud display in your office.

If trophies aren’t your thing, maybe charity is. The winning team in the high-tech category will receive cash to donate to local charity of their choosing. More than $3,000 was donated to charities by winning tech teams.

We’d love to see more Colorado-based tech companies compete. If you’re interested in putting a team together, here are the details:

1. Whether you are out for fun or to compete, you can have your own party at the after party if your company has three (3) or more relay teams (and a 10×10 tent!).

2. You can buy all your registrations for your company at once – just email

3. To qualify for an award, your team must have five (5) runners, and the runners must be employees (or up to two (2) runners may be family members).

4. or details, winning times, and to register, go to

Mobile Optimization Explained

How to Better Market to a Mobile Audience

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of sponsoring an AMA Webinar, “Conversion Optimization in a Multi-Device World.” Led by Chris Goward, CEO of WiderFunnel, this webinar focused on the important topic of optimizing for mobile. As mobile use continues to skyrocket upwards, it’s important to make sure you spend time building a marketing strategy that aligns to the devices your end users are using. Chris gave lots of helpful examples and shared best practices to help marketers better reach their mobile audiences. Some of my favorite takeaways are listed below. To hear the entirety of this great presentation, you can view the recording here.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure your content and delivery methods align to the experience you want to create – for example, don’t send emails about mobile that aren’t mobile friendly.
  • Mobile marketing is all about context, so make sure you’re incorporating that context into your experience. Add CTAs above the fold and streamline content to only show what’s most relevant to a mobile user.
  • Mobile optimization is persuasion marketing, experience design, and the scientific method all intersecting. You need to think about how your end user is consuming your content and how you can best optimize that experience. Which lead us to our next takeaway: 
  • Test, test, test! Test everything. Try different headlines, calls to action, images, and colors. There are no wrong answers. Make sure you continuously build on your previous successes and continue to optimize your end user experience to maximize results.

As Chris pointed out, mobile is an incredibly important marketing opportunity for any company. If you’re not optimizing for mobile you should start. As I mentioned, you can learn lots of great tips and tricks by listening to yesterday’s webinar.

And if you’d like to carry these great practices over into your world of meetings, webinars, and collaboration, I’d encourage you to take a greater look at ReadyTalk. We have awesome mobile apps to help you easily start and join meetings, even when you’re away from your desk. To learn more about ReadyTalk’s industry-leading mobile apps, click here.

Try out ReadyTalk Video Lab for Your Next Meeting!

Ready to try something new? Check out ReadyTalk Video Lab, an experiential video conferencing and VoIP solution that’s ideal for small, interactive meetings.

We are asking customers to help us test this new technology in order to get your immediate and honest feedback. Our goal is to use your feedback to build a new collaboration-focused meeting product that meets your needs and deliver it as fast as possible.

Video Lab is perfect for meeting with your co-workers and partners for quick ad-hoc meetings where face to face contact is key. With Video Lab, you’ll enjoy:

• High quality video conferencing for up to 3 participants
• Includes VoIP audio – no phones to dial
• Start/Join/Invite from the same web interface
• Browser-based meetings (no downloads – Chrome Browser only at this time)
• A persistent meeting URL (all your meetings using VideoLabs use the same link)

Your opinion matters to us, and we appreciate your participation and input to influence what we build next. Be sure to share your feedback using the Feedback button in Video Labs. We would love to hear about any technical issues, feature requests, or general feedback you have.

Please visit to try it out today. Simply enter your name and email address and then you can invite others to join.

video labs image 1video labs image 2

Want One-Click Meetings?

4 tools for one click meetingsPhone number. Access Code. #. Press *2. Pin number. #. Listen to recording of options. Meeting begins.

The traditional method of starting a conference call works but it takes a long time. Who has time for all those numbers, beeps and prompts? Especially when you’re running late?

At ReadyTalk, we’re focused on delivering the tools for perfect meetings. Perfect meetings should start with one click. Here are four tools that will allow you to start every meeting with one click. The best part? These allow your participants to join with one click too.

  1. ReadyTalk for Outlook
    You can easily start on-demand and scheduled meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook. When you use the plugin to schedule meetings the “Call Me” link is included allowing you and your participants one-click to join a meeting. More on Call Me below. Install now.
  2. Mobile Apps
    The ReadyTalk Conferencing App is the fastest way to connect to a meeting from ANY phone – your desk, a conference room or on the road via your mobile phone. You can store these numbers right in the app making it easy to use the “Call My Phone” feature. Plus, this feature doesn’t use mobile minutes when you call any phone beside your mobile phone. Get it for Android or iOS.
  1. Quick Launcher
    Streamline the process to start, join, and invite participants to online meetings with ReadyTalk Quick Launcher – a desktop tool available when you need it. Download it now.
  1. Google Calendar
    Easily schedule and start on-demand meetings directly from Google Calendar. Your invites include all the details need to join with ONE click. Install it now.

“Call Me” Don’t call us. We’ll call you and we’ll call your participants.

We are making it even easier to host or join a ReadyTalk call with “Call Me” features. When you (the chairperson or meeting host) use any of the tools above, a link to the “Call Me” page is included with the invite. When it’s time for you to start the meeting or for your participants to join, they simply click on the link. They enter their phone number and the conference bridge dials out to them. They’ll also be connected to the web meeting – no dialing, no access code. It’s fast and easy.

A few highlights:

  • Enter your conference information once and it will remember your details for future calls whether you are hosting or joining
  • Join only the web portion of the conference and not the audio portion if you so choose
  • The page is mobile-friendly so you can quickly start the call or join from any device



Love Your Mobile Phone? So do we.


You probably spend more time with your mobile phone than you do with your significant other. After all, it’s with you at work, your commute and at home. It’s also an important productivity tool, giving you access to email, calendar and the apps you need to get your job done.

In fact, your cell phone is probably loaded with apps. The average smartphone user downloads 26 apps. We think the ReadyTalk app should be one of those.

The ReadyTalk mobile app eliminates the annoying steps of joining a conference call or meeting. You don’t have to enter phone numbers, access codes or pins. No pressing # and listening to an operator. It’s one-click to join or start meeting on the go or at your office.

Yes, the app lets you start or join a meeting on another phone. It will call you wherever you are. And, it doesn’t use mobile minutes. Read on for details.

How I Use It

Last week, I was in a meeting that was running over. I had back-to-back meetings scheduled. My second meeting was in another conference room and also had remote participants. I was the meeting organizer so I was worried about the folks dialing-in. I pulled out my mobile phone, opened the app and clicked Start Meeting. I selected the number for the conference room. When the phone in that room started ringing, my colleagues answered and were able to start the meeting. My 5-minute-delay didn’t delay the meeting and waste anyone’s time.

How Does it Work?

Have a scheduled meeting? The app works like this:

• The App looks at your calendar and identifies ReadyTalk meetings.
• 30-seconds before the meeting, you get a reminder to join the meeting.
• At this point, you’ll open the app.
• Select the phone number you want to join the call from. It might be your desk, Conference Room 1, your home office or your mobile phone.
• Click Join (it’s a BIG GREEN button).
• Select how you want to participate — web only, web and audio, audio only/
• If you select a web option, you’ll join the web portion of the meeting via your phone.
• Within 5 seconds, the phone you selected will start to ring.
• Answer. Join the audio meeting.

An on-demand meeting works the same way except you skip the first two steps. When you open the app, you select Start or Join from the On-Demand Meeting section.

How to Get Started with the ReadyTalk Mobile App

1. Download the app on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.
2. Allow the app to access your mobile calendar when prompted.
3. Set up your credentials and input your name, mobile number, ReadyTalk Conference phone number, access code and passcode and hit “Validate My Information.”

Check Out This Video to See it in Action