CloudTalk: SaaS Sales in the Value Rep Business

Patrick Wiley has made his rounds at ReadyTalk for nearly a decade. Starting with the company as an account executive, he’s worked every stage of the buying cycle and continues building partnerships across the U.S. Now Director of Carrier Sales and Business Development, Patrick refers to himself as a “humble expert” in the SaaS and Unified Communications marketplace. Between training for ultramarathons and Ironman races, he loves improving his industry knowledge and building value in the ReadyTalk brand every day in order to win.

Q: Would you say there’s a high degree of problem solving with your job?

A: We work in an incredibly competitive business landscape and every situation is different. Saying that, I must keep my knowledge sharpened to provide the best solutions for our customers and partners. That means that I need to know about other companies’ products and services and figure out the best ways to position our solutions. I’m constantly researching and asking questions. Having a consultative sales approach not only provides a deeper level of trust, but also concludes with the customer buying the right solution to fit their company’s needs.

Q: Who are your primary business partners?

A: I work with over 40 account directors and account managers at the enterprise level. They’re responsible for selling our suite of solutions including a multitude of our competitors’ products. But that’s the great part about my job — I have to know when our product(s) are going to be the best fit for their needs. That’s when it’s very important for me to know every granular detail about our functionality and our competitors. We have four major lines of business, each with their own set of base features. But with every one of our products, there are unlimited combinations of à la carte options suited for each individual buyer. That’s the beauty of our products, they can accommodate so many different users and situations.

Q: Why do you refer to yourself as a “humble expert?”  

A: First off it means I am self aware enough that I don’t know everything. But, I am smart enough to tap into the many incredibly intelligent forward-thinking people I’m surrounded by at ReadyTalk. When I’m brought into a sales discussion I’m there representing more than one company. I speak for the carrier and the representative first, however I do my best to deliver the message with the ReadyTalk ethos which is the “wow” factor. That creates an interesting dynamic because I need to be thoughtful about what all parties can deliver, and even what they can’t. I’m the voice for the carrier team, so giving a measured account of our services is critical to everyone involved. The good news there — ReadyTalk has ALWAYS been customer centric. We tend to act this way naturally.

What can I use webinars for?


Webinars – you hear a lot about them, but what do you actually use them for? Well, we’re here to tell you: a lot of things. And really exciting things at that!

If used right, webinars can bring big advantages for your business. More leads, happier customers, better brand recognition and more engaged employees – all this can be yours if you create targeted, high-quality webinars. And that’s easier than ever, thanks to the innovative, intuitive tools available and our handy webinar guide here.

So let’s dive in – here are a few specific ways you can use webinars at your business:

Share vital information with remote employees

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the data shows that more companies than ever before are hiring full-time remote workers. Telecommuting arrangements can be a boon for productivity, but being able to get the job done effectively depends on having the right materials at your fingertips. Webinars offer ultra-focused ways to share must-have information, documents, presentations and the like with your remote workers. It can also be an engaging way to brief remote employees on company news, policy changes and new projects. Pair webinars with a unified communications solution and you can make sure that no telecommuter is left in the dark.

Position your company as a thought leader

In today’s crowded content marketplace, everyone’s fighting to grab consumers’ attentions. Brand visibility is the name of the game, and getting the word out that your organization is a thought leader in its industry is a great way to strengthen brand identity and get your name out there. A webinar is the perfect platform for building thought leadership, as it’s both dynamic and visually interesting. Have an influential industry figure or leader at your company share their insights on current news in your sector. Keep the webinar targeted to make it most effective. These types of webinars can also help generate leads and bring potential clients further through the sales cycle.

Enhance user training

You never want to feel like your customers don’t know how to fully take advantage of all the benefits your product or service offers. A dependable customer support team is part of the equation, but user training is also key. Hold webinars that address key functionalities of your products – they’ll be a valuable resource for your customers and keep them coming back to your site.

Webinars are an amazing tool to have at your company – use them to grow your business and engage your employees and customer base alike.