4 signs you’re a collaborative leader

Collaboration isn't anything new — people have been teaming up to tackle new projects and challenges since the beginning of time. What makes collaboration so essential today, however, is the rise of collaborative technology, which has created the next generation of collaborative leadership. So how do you know if you're a collaborative leader?

From enabling employees at all levels of your organization to have a voice to drawing in an international, remote workplace, there are plenty of ways to know if you fit the bill. If you're still uncertain, here are four qualities you might possess that make you a collaborative leader:

1. Leverages an international workforce
True collaborative leaders know the value of drawing in diverse members to their team. These thought leaders find value in differences and don't limit their team's potential to the 10-foot radius around their desk. They leverage new technology, like video conferencing solutions to launch virtual meetings on the go and from remote areas of the world. After all, some of the best teams don't even have to be in the same room to collaborate well.

2. Works well with others
Obviously, being a great team player is a basic principle of any productive work environment. Working well with others, however, involves more than just avoiding passive aggressive comments and not bulldozing over your peers. The best collaborative leaders are the ones who bring out the best in those around them and magically bring people together from all walks of life. 

3. Values transparency 
Whether all your team members sit around you in the office or are spread out all over the world, transparency is key to maintaining a highly connected, effective work environment. As a collaborative leader, you must open up all channels of communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them.

4. Doesn't have to always be in charge
The most enlightened collaborative leaders know when they need to take a step back and let someone else lead the video conference call or spearhead the latest project. It's a common misconception that every collaborative leader must always be in charge every step of the way. Part of being a great team leader is having faith in your team to step up and do their job well. 

Consider these four signs to make sure you're offering a collaboration-friendly environment at your business.

Record, Repurpose, REPLAY

Smarter Marketing Webinars

Simulated live webinars have been around for years, but the do-it-yourself demands of marketers have made it easier than ever to set up and host events. In the past, hiring an event management team was the only way to replay a webinar recording. Traditional simulive and event management is still used by many of our customers during highly attended events, but ReadyTalk Illuminate Replay has made lead generation simpler for marketing professionals. Take a look at this video that explains the difference between Illuminate Replay and traditional simulive.

One-Minute Set Up

Given the short, easy-to-navigate scheduling page and upload process, the shareable webinar link is ready in a minute or less. We designed this experience with the deadline-driven user in mind — never waste time getting your webinar on the calendar. Without compromising the sophistication of attendance data and reporting, the streamlined setup allows marketing webinars to be promoted immediately to any timezone in the world. If you’re currently using a webinar vendor other than ReadyTalk we won’t hold that against you. Drop your MP4 into Illuminate Replay and host as many events as you want!

Integrated with Marketo

Let your marketing automation do the dirty work — sit back and watch the leads roll in. ReadyTalk Illuminate Replay is integrated with Marketo and sends your webinar attendance data into one easily accessed database. Aside from the follow-up benefits of Marketo, you can also review the activity timeline and chat log for a moment-to-moment look at changes in audience engagement.

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3 New Year’s resolutions your business needs to make

2018 is right around the corner, and while people everywhere will be pledging to join a gym, eat healthier and get more sleep, your business should be setting some goals to improve, too. 

Here are three New Year's resolutions your business needs to make for 2018:

1. Unify your communications 

The modern workplace is agile, responsive and spread out across the globe via remote workers. Businesses need communication systems that are seamlessly integrated, enabling information to be shared across voice, mobile, desktop, webinar and cloud applications. In 2018, your company should aim to adopt a unified communications platform to align its information-sharing and collaboration channels. With UC, meetings can happen wherever and whenever they're needed, no matter where your employees are located. UC also ensures that the materials your employees need are always a click away

2. Commit to the cloud 

The cloud is not new, but the extent to which businesses are adopting it is. It's no longer enough to have just one aspect of your company's operations tied to the cloud; connecting just HR functions, for example, silos away data and causes integration headaches. In the new year, commit your business to embracing the cloud in its entirety. As Forrester's "Predictions 2018: Cloud Computing Accelerates Enterprise Transformation Everywhere" report anticipates, the share of companies using a public cloud platform in 2018 will surpass 50 percent. Uniting all your business processes with the same cloud provider supports fluid communication across devices and frees up time for IT managers who would typically be spending hours dealing with individual technology vendors. 

3. Go mobile 

It's no secret that mobile device usage has skyrocketed, but many companies still remain in the stone age when it comes to taking full advantage of the benefits of smartphones and tablets. In 2018, set a resolution to have enhanced mobile functionality by the end of the year. This means ensuring file-sharing and internal chat functions are accessible on mobile devices and that both internal- and public-facing company webpages are mobile-responsive. This means the design of the pages automatically adjusts to ensure readability and a good user experience on small mobile screens. 

A new year is a time to get a fresh start. The three resolutions above can help your company embrace the technology it needs to stay competitive and improve its productivity, engagement and collaboration levels in 2018. 

Webinars Ranked Among Top Lead Sources for Conversions

Our partners at Ascend2 Research recently completed the report entitled “Lead Generation to Increase Conversions.” The survey was conducted to find out what types of lead generation forms produce the highest rate of customer conversions. Marketing professionals from B2B and B2C companies responded in favor of content downloads and webinars as the top two sources for lead generation in 2017.

Here’s a one-minute clip from ReadyTalk’s webinar with the American Marketing Association entitled, Increasing Conversion Rates: How Gated Content Quickly Turns Leads into Customers.

When asked specifically about gated content, the majority of respondents chose webinar registrations and download forms as the primary drivers of customer conversions. As a guide, here at ReadyTalk we’ve found that webinar registration forms perform the best when only four to five fields are present. This gives the sales team enough info to follow up by territory and business size, but also prevents the visitor from refusing entry by being asked to many questions.

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3 communications upgrades to help your company compete in 2018

You snooze; you lose. A new study from Forrester found that companies that don't invest in digital transformation will fall behind in 2018. At the crux of digital transformation is communication: How employees and clients hold meetings, collaborate and share knowledge will have a major impact on the a business's ability to compete and thrive in a digital-first marketplace. 

As your company gears up for the new year, consider making these three vital communications upgrades:

1. Unified communications

The past few years have seen a boom in productivity apps, internal communications platforms and cloud-based software systems. There's a good chance employees at your company are using a dizzying array of programs to get their work done and collaborate with each other on any given day. As a business becomes more streamlined, intuitive and digital-native, it's high time to connect those disparate programs. Unified communications does just that by seamlessly integrating all the systems that employees are currently using. With UC, employees can switch from voice calls to video calls to texts, internal chats and online presentations, all without skipping a beat. 

2. Video conferencing 

Companies no longer have all their employees working in a single office. Some employees may work remotely, located hundreds of miles away from headquarters, while others may have flexible working schedules that put them in a shared office space some days and then from home on others. Your company needs a way to effectively communicate with remote workers wherever they are, and sometimes, audio-only calls just don't cut it. Video conferencing enables face-to-face communication with remote employees for more engaging, productive meetings; instead of multiple people tripping over each other in conference calls, video calls can be just as fluid, effective and dynamic as those held in the office. 

3. Webcasts

While video meetings help improve the quality and effectiveness of communication among remote workers, webcasts can strengthen your company identity and brand on a larger scale. Webcasts are perfect for holding all-company meetings if you have telecommuting employees, and their interactive nature fosters employee engagement. Whether you're streaming quarterly sales meetings, company retreats or holiday parties, webcasts are an exciting way to strengthen social bonds and branding at your company. 

The three communications upgrades above – UC, video conferencing and webcasts – can help your company embrace digital transformation and stay competitive in 2018.