3 New Year’s resolutions your business needs to make

2018 is right around the corner, and while people everywhere will be pledging to join a gym, eat healthier and get more sleep, your business should be setting some goals to improve, too. 

Here are three New Year's resolutions your business needs to make for 2018:

1. Unify your communications 

The modern workplace is agile, responsive and spread out across the globe via remote workers. Businesses need communication systems that are seamlessly integrated, enabling information to be shared across voice, mobile, desktop, webinar and cloud applications. In 2018, your company should aim to adopt a unified communications platform to align its information-sharing and collaboration channels. With UC, meetings can happen wherever and whenever they're needed, no matter where your employees are located. UC also ensures that the materials your employees need are always a click away

2. Commit to the cloud 

The cloud is not new, but the extent to which businesses are adopting it is. It's no longer enough to have just one aspect of your company's operations tied to the cloud; connecting just HR functions, for example, silos away data and causes integration headaches. In the new year, commit your business to embracing the cloud in its entirety. As Forrester's "Predictions 2018: Cloud Computing Accelerates Enterprise Transformation Everywhere" report anticipates, the share of companies using a public cloud platform in 2018 will surpass 50 percent. Uniting all your business processes with the same cloud provider supports fluid communication across devices and frees up time for IT managers who would typically be spending hours dealing with individual technology vendors. 

3. Go mobile 

It's no secret that mobile device usage has skyrocketed, but many companies still remain in the stone age when it comes to taking full advantage of the benefits of smartphones and tablets. In 2018, set a resolution to have enhanced mobile functionality by the end of the year. This means ensuring file-sharing and internal chat functions are accessible on mobile devices and that both internal- and public-facing company webpages are mobile-responsive. This means the design of the pages automatically adjusts to ensure readability and a good user experience on small mobile screens. 

A new year is a time to get a fresh start. The three resolutions above can help your company embrace the technology it needs to stay competitive and improve its productivity, engagement and collaboration levels in 2018. 

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Alisa Bartash

Alisa Bartash

Alisa is the product marketing manager for unified communication and collaboration at ReadyTalk. She has a passion for solving customer pain points and identifying solutions no matter how complicated the problem. In her free time, Alisa loves to hike the mountains of Colorado, explore new restaurants around Denver and travel the world.

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