Is UCaaS Inevitable for your Company? Twitter Chat Highlights

On Feb 10th, a few members of our team participated in a Twitter chat about the Future of UCaaS (Unified-Communications-as-a-Service).


The chat, organized by Enterprise Connect and No Jitter magazine, included analysts, vendors and other IT professionals weighing in on the industry shift to cloud communications.

The chat was hosted by Michelle Burbick (@MBurbick), the Associate Editor and blogger for No Jitter, who led the participants in a lively discussion of the following:

Q1: How do we define UCaaS?
Q2: What are the benefits of UCaaS?
Q3: What is driving the adoption of UCaaS today?
Q4: Is UCaaS more or less expensive than onsite premises-based UC?
Q5: What’s next? How is UCaaS evolving?
Q6: Is UCaaS something primarily for small businesses or is it something large enterprises should look at?
Q7: How can IT leaders be sure that UCaas services are secure?
Q8: What are some key differences among major providers?
Q9: What are some things to consider when choosing a UCaaS provider?
Q10: What are the benefits of hybrid?

A few of our favorite comments:

What is driving the adoption of UCaaS today?

  • UCaaS and Cloud are a revised form of outsourcing – @DaveMichels


  • UCaaS is just 1 application, the cloud is generally preferred across other IT applications – lower cost + higher flexibility –@DaveMichels
  • The complexity of premises based solutions is starting to overwhelm IT, cloud lets u offload complexity but enjoy benefits – @Zkerravala
  • In a simple sense: time & monetary savings, easily scalable solutions, enhanced productivity and enterprise mobility – @switchco

What’s next? How is UCaaS evolving?

  • Another break out area is Workstream Communications and Collaboration (#WCC) which is effectively UC + async commsn/mesaging –@DaveMichels
  • Developing APIs to completely customize the systems you want to integrate. Less steps to increase productivity and collaboration – @IamMikeLinn

Our own Danny Ramos (@rtdannyramos) started a great conversation thread about video as part of communications story.


  • [Video] will soon be tablestakes for UCaaS –@GradyWorld


What are some things to consider when choosing a UCaaS provider?

  • First is customer service, definitely talk to some customers if you’re considering them –@Zkerravala
  • Strength of integration with other channels/platforms, reasonable pricing structure, strong reporting –@OneReach
  • Customers (big, med, & small), pedigree, & account management, to name a few –@IamMikeLinn
  • Customization options – should be able to adjust features to needs on a per user basis –@DaveMichels

What are the benefits of hybrid?

  • Hybrid deployments will be the norm. ZK research shows 80% of orgs want hybrid;
    Hybrid enables businesses to use premises based solutions for large locations and cloud for branches and smaller locations;
    Lastly, hybrid can be a good migratory step to full UCaaS deployment –@Zkerravala
  • If there is concern of moving off prem, hybrid offers a way to pilot UCaaS without fully committing to the cloud –@IamMikeLinn

The Big Takeaways

UCaaS has matured, and organizations are increasingly adopting it for reasons of cost effectiveness and ease of management. UCaaS will evolve from real-time presence and messaging to include richer engagement through video and asynchronous communication.
Customer service, interoperability and customization options are critical in selecting a UCaaS vendor. And lastly, a hybrid solution is a great way to introduce UCaaS into your organization.

Thanks so much to all the participants, and to No Jitter and Enterprise Connect for hosting. Are you attending Enterprise Connect next month? We are too! Senior Product Manager Victoria Zak and Product Manager Stephen Deckrow will be in attendance – hope to see you there!

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