After shuttering UbiMeet, ReadyTalk aims further with DART

Just under a year ago, we launched a standalone meeting productivity tool called UbiMeet. UbiMeet was designed to help individuals prepare for and follow-up after meetings.

Following lean startup principles, the team was able to identify customer problems, and design and launch a product quickly. While UbiMeet ultimately didn’t reach product-market fit, the speed with which the team was able to launch and learn was applauded.

DARTSo we’re going to be doing it a lot more.

I’m thrilled to announce we’re rolling out two separate innovation / new product development programs in 2016.

The first is an all-employee engagement program we’re currently calling “Innovation Everyday.” At ReadyTalk, we love catchy names, so that’ll probably get re-branded in not too long. 🙂 In this program, all employees will be given the tools, time and support to explore ideas through three stages of Ideation, Validation and Presentation. Heard of the Adobe Kickbox project? It’s something like that.

The second is a brand new dedicated innovation team, DART. With a focus on cloud communications and human-computer interaction, the team uses innovation roadmaps, emerging technology assessments and rapid test-and-learn techniques to identify new opportunities for the business. DART and an associated Engineering R&D team will work to mitigate both market and technical risk so we can bring more great products and services to market faster!

The open positions for this team (based in Denver, CO) are: Business Analyst, Consumer Insights Analyst, and two Business Intern positions. Want to join us?

From its inception, ReadyTalk has been committed to delivering WOW through service and technology, and these new programs will help us serve you better beyond your existing audio and web conferencing needs. We can’t wait!

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