Unsung Heroes: BizOps

Business operations, commonly referred to as BizOps, started off as one of the famous Silicon Valley “buzzword” jobs, but now is one of the hottest fields to get into. What you might not know, however, is that a solid, knowledgeable BizOps team is just what your organization needs to get ahead.

So what do BizOps employees do?

In short, this team has the difficult task of keeping core internal functions at your company up and running. They may handle everything from day-to-day operations to high-priority initiatives. Their main role is to create more value for the company as a whole and improve its profitability by supporting the people who run it.

hooray for bizopsBasically, this team is the group of people that gets things done at your organization. They are charged with understanding your business’s strategy and putting that plan into action. For example, if your company seeks to move into a new market in another state, these are the individuals who will be hard at work, fine-tuning all the small details and putting pieces into place to make that happen.

Where do they fit in?

The cool part about BizOps teams is that they aren’t tied to one particular department or focus. They can be involved at multiple levels and areas of a company, such as sales, financial, product and communication departments. Most simply, if you have a goal or problem, they have an answer or solution.

Your company’s size depends on the role of your business operations team. BizOps might be involved in diverse areas of your organization, and as your operations evolve, so will their roles. Instead of stagnating, they will adapt to fit need company needs. They will learn to prioritize different projects and goals and provide a cross-department communication channel for everyone at your company.

Problem solvers to add revenue and decrease cost

Because they’re problem solvers, they’ll streamline, look for efficiency and no doubt save you time and money. And if they’re working on sales and marketing opportunities, they’ll help you gain revenue. For example, at ReadyTalk, BizOps is one of the leaders to helping with sales enablement. Ensuring our sales team is ready, understands how to sell products and has access to back-end systems to follow-up on leads is vital.

So let’s hear it for Business Operations … otherwise known as BizOps!

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