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Brandon Hess

Brandon Hess is the Sr. Inbound Marketing Manager at ReadyTalk. He oversees ReadyTalk's online advertising (ppc, display, retargeting), SEO, A/B testing, landing page design, analytics and the ReadyTalk website from an inbound marketing perspective while working closely with PR in regards to content marketing and creation. Brandon began his career in the web design and display advertising operations at Gannet and the Denver Newspaper Agency before managing the Search Engine Marketing wing at Indigio, a local design agency. Prior to joining ReadyTalk, Brandon worked as a PPC Account Manager for Trada, a Google Ventures agency in Boulder Colorado. In his free-time, Brandon obsesses over comic books, his Spotify playlists, reading sci-fi/fantasy, writing, drawing, spending time with his wonderful wife and two large dogs and answering the daily question of exactly how tall he is.

Debunking Webinar Myth #3: Webinars produce quantity, but not quality. Sometimes, we hear from customers that their webinars drove a ton of registrations or high attendance, but they didn’t feel like they generated many qualified leads. What gives? A great webinar topic can drive a lot of interest from people in all buying stages. That […]

After broadcasting a webinar and recording it, promoting it and encouraging people to watch the recording becomes the next steps for a marketer. Marketers promote videos using both inbound and outbound strategies for maximum effect. Obviously you can start by uploading the video to your company’s website, but take it a step further and direct […]

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