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Leigh Clancy

Leigh Clancy

Leigh Clancy is a Product Marketing Manager at ReadyTalk. In this role she interfaces with product management, marketing, customers and customer-facing teams extensively to help with targeting, messaging, positioning and product launches. Leigh started her career in marketing over fifteen years ago working for high-tech companies such as Harbinger, Verio, Level 3 Communications, iBAHN and Symplified, where she gained valuable knowledge on how to market very complex, technical products and services to a wide variety of audiences. Outside of work you can find her trying to learn to golf, reading, traveling, hosting backyard movies, camping, tasting wine and spending time with family, friends, and her dog.

If you do webinars and use Microsoft Dynamics – we can save you a ton of time! Increase productivity and provide visibility into key activities with ReadyTalk for Microsoft Dynamics – our fully-featured and reliable conferencing services that integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics. Marketing: Get More From Your Webinars You know how important it is […]

If you occasionally scroll through our blog, it’s obvious that ReadyTalk places a strong emphasis on the marketer. Webinars continue to be a cost-effective way to reach new audiences, but are usually just one piece of the pie in overall lead generation strategy. More and more, our customers are turning to marketing automation platforms, like […]

Previously we talked about different development methodologies and types of product launches, today we will talk about why establishing goals, metrics and solidifying a messaging strategy document (MSD) will get everyone on the same page. At the kickoff meeting, we establish the goals and desired metrics for each launch.  Here are some example goals for […]

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