3 Ways to Make Your Webinars More Interactive

Webinars can be a fun way to connect with your clients and prospects, and traditional presentations can provide a lot of value. However, the average attention span continues to decrease with the rise of technology, so keeping your audience’s attention is harder than ever. To ensure your webinar attendees are entertained, make it point to keep webinars as interactive as possible.

Here are three ways you can make your webinars more interactive and entertaining:

1. Include polls in your presentation.
Not only do polls provide you with more insight about your attendees, but it gives them the opportunity to interact with your presentation as well. Best practices for polls include:

● Ask value-add questions that encourage prospects to think. Try to go with multiple choice questions instead of questions that only require a yes or no answer.
● If you’re going to add a question that is directly related to lead qualification, add that poll at the end of your presentation. Provide value first, then sell.
● Before transitioning to the next slide, give prospects the opportunity to see how other attendees responded to polls. Feel free to expand on the question topic while you’re gathering answers so there isn’t a lull.

2. Allow for both audio and chat Q&A.
Most times, webinar hosts only allow for chat Q&A where attendees can ask questions through the chat box in the webinar application. While this can be easier for the chairperson, allowing attendees to ask questions over audio will demonstrate a higher level of engagement and provide them with the opportunity to interact. Some tips for audio Q&A include:

● Request operator assistance for webinars that will offer both audio and chat Q&A. It will make the chairperson’s and presenters’ lives much easier because the operator can queue calls coming in.
● Budget more time for Q&A. Audio Q&A can take more time than chat Q&A because it becomes more of a conversation. Therefore, it is a good idea to budget more time for questions at the end so you do not run over schedule.

3. Engage with attendees over social during the event.
It’s always fun to see attendees live tweeting during webinar events. It’s even more fun to see conversations happen as a result. Have a dedicated resource live tweet from your account and individually reach out to those who are live tweeting the event. Engage with those users by:

● asking if they have any questions they’d like to ask,
● providing relevant resources on the topic,
● asking about their organizations and what they do, and
● retweeting and sharing their tweets over your network.

Keep your webinars entertaining and interactive by trying these tips during your next webinar. For more best practices on webinar delivery, view our “Benchmarketing Webinar Best Practices: In Event” infographic now.

how to make a webinar interactive

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