3 Webinar Features You Should be Using to Get More Value from Your Webinars

3 Webinar Features You Should be Using to Get More Value from Your Webinars

“Am I getting ROI on my webinars? How can I make it be better?” These questions are often in the back of my head as I’m working on webinar planning and promotion. And, I know I’m not alone because we hear it from customers as well.

We recently rolled out a great tool for measuring you webinar ROI: the Webinar ROI Calculator (I know it’s a very creative title!). We also wrote about how you can Optimize Your Webinar Spending with the Webinar ROI Calculator.

The calculator is great for establishing a baseline and answering the first question – am I getting a positive return on my webinar investment. It can provide some clarity around where you might want to improve your program but it doesn’t give you actionable advice.

Join us for 3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today, a webinar that will that will give you actionable advice and answer the question, “How can I make my webinars better?”

On Wednesday, December 10 during a 45-minute webinar you can learn how three ReadyTalk customers are using three different features to get more value from their webinar programs.

 You’ll learn about:

  • Self-Serve Broadcast Audio: The ultimate webinar DIY tool.
  • Simulive: The engagement of a live event with the perfection of a recording.
  • Marketing Automation: Get rid of Excel files and data uploads.

The best part? These features are available now so you can start seeing more value today.

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