6 Topics for Your Next Webinar

hands clapping copyFor businesses looking to grow their thought leadership content and generate more qualified leads, webinars are a great marketing tool. However, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before hosting a webinar. Planning for the webinar, setting up the registration page, searching for a speaker and finalizing the topic are just some of the things you have to do to prepare for the main event.

To help relieve some of the stress, we’ve prepared a list of seven topics for your next webinar. These topics can be used by rookie webinar producers or by veterans that are just looking for new and engaging topics. Once you have a great topic, the rest of the webinar planning will fall into place.

Here are the six topics you should think about trying for your next webinar event:

  1.  Use Cases or Case Studies – A case study can be used to educate your audience by providing them with a solid example of how your product or service was successful. During this type of webinar, you can present a successful campaign your company executed or an on-boarding of your product or service, then share the results, relevant observations and recommendations. For these types of webinars, you want to make sure you are not pitching a sale, but providing actionable insight by providing recommendations that the audience can try after the webinar.
  1. Event Promotion – Host a webinar to promote an event or trade show that you are sponsoring or attending. This can be a short webinar about the benefits of the conference or trade show, which can help your clients justify the cost of the event. You can also point out who should be attending and why the event is targeted towards them. Decision makers are probably much more likely to pay for events if they have some solid information about what to expect, and you can even encourage a prospect that’s on the fence to attend with these types of webinars.
  1. A “How To” Series – Instructional content is really valuable to prospects and clients, and even using the words “how to” in your title will drive registrations. This is a fun way to keep your clients engaged and learn more about your expertise. How tos could even be recurring webinar segments, which will help with client retention and client on boarding.
  1. Open forums – It’s always good to have a way for clients or customers to ask you questions in an open setting, and open forums help build a stronger relationships with your clients. Host forums that will be focused on a specific topic for the audience in the session. This could give the users an opportunity to ask questions and feed off of one another, providing value for multiple clients at one time. Just make sure to set expectations for this type of webinar ahead of time so that people know what to expect.
  1. Co-marketing webinar – A co-marketing webinar can be a mutually beneficial event for you and a partner. You can host a webinar on a topic that is related to both of your audiences in order to attract multiple registrants, and you can also do some cross-selling. This is a successful way to network and spread awareness for different brands, and having another professional in a related field will help to bring in new listeners as well.
  1. Online training – Conducting webinars that are solely focused on training is a huge benefit for clients and can be a successful onboarding tactic. This could also be a recurring event, depending on the speed of your onboarding process, or you can have a recorded webinar that can be accessed on-demand. Software training would be a great example of how businesses can implement this type of webinar.

Hopefully these topics will help you when planning your next webinar. For more tips and tricks on hosting your next webinar, check out our Webinar Resources.

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