Debunking Webinar Myth #1: Webinars cost an arm and a leg

Debunking Webinar Myth #1: Webinars cost an arm and a leg

In our experience, most people think webinars cost an arm and a leg. There can be a variety of expenses associated with webinars, including staffing, technology, promotion and more, but webinars do not have to deplete your piggybank. Seriously!

Download Common Webinar MythsAs with every lead generation tactic, there is a cost associated with execution. However, webinars do not necessarily have to be expensive to implement. It’s really up to you and your organization how much you want to invest in this tactic.

Tweetable alert: The average cost of conducting a webinar is between $100 and $3,000, depending on promotion and technology costs.

Obviously, the cost can vary substantially, which really depends on a couple of factors, including how much you want to invest in paid promotion, the technology you choose and how many attendees you want at your event.

Want to do a webinar, but want to do it on a budget? Do the math. If you want to conduct a webinar series, but only have a set budget per month, then take all of the different cost considerations into account.

Here are a couple of recommendations for decreasing your webinar costs:

  • Ask qualifying questions to limit the number of registrants for each webinar.
  • Conduct webinars on a monthly or bimonthly basis.
  • Only archive or record webinars that are valuable after the fact.
  • Save time by having a clear promotion plan and execution plan in place.
  • Improve prospect nurturing by automatically moving the attendee data to your CRM or marketing automation system.

Check the cost associated with all of these for your webinar platform, then figure out what you can afford.

How have you saved money on conducting webinars in the past? Share your stories in the comments section below!

Stay tuned for the next post in this series about the webinar price per lead.


We know there are a lot of common misconceptions about webinars. They’re expensive, people never show up or something always goes wrong. But we also know webinars are a great lead generation tactic that provides companies with high quality leads. So, why all the bad press?

We’re here to debunk the most common webinar myths. Download “The Top 8 Common Webinar Myths” ebook to learn more:

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