Does your tech company have what it takes to compete in the Colfax Relay?

Colfax Marathon Relay - high tech categoryLiving a healthy lifestyle is an important part of the ReadyTalk culture. When we hire, we look for teammates that, among other things, are energetic, passionate and nature lovers (learn more about our culture). A byproduct of this is that we end up hiring a lot of athletic people. We have Ironman competitors, marathon runners, cyclists, mountain bikers, hikers, swimmers—you name a sport and we probably have an employee who competes. In fact, we even have the World’s Fittest CEO.

Our employees also enjoy the opportunity to participate in events together as a team. Every year, we have groups of employees who participate in the Colfax Marathon Relay. We had six teams compete last year; some were highly competitive and some were just out for a good time. It’s a great way to get some exercise, see the city and bond with fellow employees.

This year, our teams are excited to compete for a chance to win the NEW High-Tech Rotating Trophy. The trophy will be presented to the fastest High-Tech team (Software, Technology, Telecommunications, Broadcasting) for proud display in your office.

If trophies aren’t your thing, maybe charity is. The winning team in the high-tech category will receive cash to donate to local charity of their choosing. More than $3,000 was donated to charities by winning tech teams.

We’d love to see more Colorado-based tech companies compete. If you’re interested in putting a team together, here are the details:

1. Whether you are out for fun or to compete, you can have your own party at the after party if your company has three (3) or more relay teams (and a 10×10 tent!).

2. You can buy all your registrations for your company at once – just email

3. To qualify for an award, your team must have five (5) runners, and the runners must be employees (or up to two (2) runners may be family members).

4. or details, winning times, and to register, go to

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Bo Bandy

In her next life, Bo will be a race car driver. Until then, she’ll continue to enjoy the challenges, rewards and pace of developing, implementing and managing communications and marketing programs. Driven, passionate and results-oriented, Bo manages ReadyTalk’s marketing and communications team which is responsible for “all the things” including demand generation, content marketing, PR and customer advocacy. Most importantly the team drives revenue and fuels the growth of the organization. Prior to ReadyTalk, Bo managed external communications activities including media relations, marketing promotions, social media strategy and execution, special events, marketing collateral and web activities for both B2B and B2C companies including technology startups, video game giants and healthcare non-profits. Follow her on Twitter, @bo_knows_."

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