New eBook: Did You Qualify? Getting the Most Qualified Leads from Webinars

Getting qualified leads from webinarsWebinars are a top three lead generation tactic—up there with email, content and video. The ability bring in net new leads makes it highly valuable. But, if you’re stopping with lead generation, you’re missing out on an opportunity. Webinars are a great tool for qualifying leads too.

By using webinars to qualify, the leads you pass to sales will be warmer and more likely to close. It allows you to focus on the most promising leads will dropping the others into nurture campaigns and other programs. It can greatly improve the ROI of your webinar program (and make your sales reps happy!).

Ken Molay of Webinar Success, recently wrote a great eBook for us on the best ways to use webinars to qualify leads. In, Did You Qualify? Getting the Most Qualified Leads from Webinars, he provides some great insight around registration data, creating negative bias with front-loaded selling and how to approach incremental qualification.

He also includes a great dating analogy, comparing registration data to dating:

“In the dating world, this is the equivalent of a man walking into a bar, spotting a pretty girl, and immediately asking for her home phone number. What is her incentive for providing private information before she has even met him? Say hello first. Find out her name. “

The ebook also includes some sample polling questions that can help in the qualification process by gathering additional details from attendees. Download the eBook for other best practices that make qualification easier.

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