Perfect Online Meetings and Presentations with a Perfect Price

Perfect Online Meetings and Presentations with a Perfect Price

When it’s time for you to host a meeting, ReadyTalk ensures you have the tools for a perfect meeting. And, when it’s time for you to pay the bill, we ensure you have the perfect price.

Today, we're rolling out new Meeting and Webinar Subscriptions. For you, it means more options–unlimited VoIP, toll audio and dial-out; and more flexibility around subscription size. For your company, it means lower prices.

New Webinar Subscriptions

All of the Webinar subscriptions will be updated; so if you're currently using our webinar product, you'll now enjoy some added benefits. With the update, you have more audio options to meet the needs of speakers and participants while keeping your costs fixed:

  • Unlimited On-Demand Toll and Dial-Out: Participants can dial-in to the webinar using their telephone and a standard phone number (it won’t be an 800 or 866 number so they may incur long distance charges). Need to dial-out to connect a speaker or participant? That’s included too.
  • Unlimited VoIP: High quality two-way audio delivered using a computer’s microphone and speakers.
  • Unlimited Self-Serve Broadcast Audio: Participants join via their computers and hear high-quality one-way streaming audio. With Self-Serve Broadcast Audio, you set it all up in Conference Center and immediately get the necessary access information immediately. If you’d like the  support of an operator, you can work with our Events Services team. This option does require at least 24 hours advance scheduling and may include additional charges.


The best part? The features listed above will be included with your account at no additional charge. 

New Meeting Subscriptions

The new Meeting Subscriptions include some great new audio options–unlimited VoIP, toll audio and dial-out. Another big change is new options for different size meetings. This means you're not paying for capacity you don't need. You'll still be getting all the features you need and want including:

  • Share slides
  • Edit documents in real-time with colleagues
  • Connect with video conferencing
  • Dial-out to colleagues for convenience 
  • Start and join meetings faster with our connectivity tools–Outlook, Google, Salesforce, desktop and more
  • Participate from your mobile device

Plus, with unlimited VoIP, US/Can Toll and US/Can dial out on-demand audio, you can now more easily control your conferencing costs.  

Learn more about the new subscriptions and if you are not a ReadyTalk customer already, try ReadyTalk free for 30 days

ReadyTalk Free Trial


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