What We Learned: 3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today

What We Learned:  3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today

Yesterday, we hosted a great webinar on some new ReadyTalk features: 3 Webinar Features You Should be Using Today. We heard from three webinar experts:

  • Lizzy Funk from Marketo
  • Candice Stennett, SCORE Association
  • Alex Shipillo, Influitive

They shared great insight into how they are driving more value from their webinar programs with a few simple-to-use features:

The audience for the event was highly engaged and asked some awesome questions. In fact, we thought others might be interested so we’re sharing those below.

You can also check out the on-demand replay of the webinar to learn more: http://cc.readytalk.com/play?id=bi8dfe


How do you handle Q&A sessions with Simulive.

Simulive events appear live to your audience, but are actually ReadyTalk recordings played in a live format.  Webinar organizers have the option to incorporate live content at the beginning and end of the presentation. This might include additional slides, poll questions or a live question-and-answer session. Chat questions can be answered throughout the webinar. This makes for a more engaging experience.

We do have customers who choose to use a ReadyTalk operator introduction with a standard or custom script to bring a live element without requiring any additional time from presenters.

If you don't have an expert log on for the Simulive Q&A, the viewers will not be able to have their questions answered.  Am I correct in this?

That’s correct. If the expert isn’t available for a question-and-answer session, then those questions can’t be answered in the live environment. That said, there are ways to work around this:

  • Have the expert available only during the Q&A period. This decreases the time needed from them.
  • Tell participants that questions will be answered in a post-event email or blog post.

Is there an additional charge for a Simulive versus a live webinar through ReadyTalk?

Simulive services are a standard inclusion for both Platinum and Gold Event Packages . For existing web subscriptions, it is available as an a la carte for an additional fee. Contact your ReadyTalk account manager or the ReadyTalk Sales Team (sales@readytalk.com).

What's the major difference between operator-assisted broadcast audio and self-serve broadcast audio?

Self-Serve Broadcast Audio allows you to schedule webinars with high quality one-way audio via the participant’s computer for up to 3,000 attendees, identify speakers in advance, send out separate audio information for speakers and participants and let your speakers dial into a green room before the call. It’s a complete do-it-yourself solution for great webinars.

Traditional Broadcast Audio does require Operator-Assisted services. The operator assists with pre-event actions (sound check, establishing the recording line and starting the event).  These events also require 24-hour advance scheduling to secure the operator. It’s a great option for your biggest and most important events.

Where is the green room located?

Webinars that use the Self-Serve Broadcast Audio feature include a private speaker room, which is commonly referred to as a “green room.” It’s a virtual room that allows the speakers to meet prior to the webinar to review materials, do a sound check and discuss the webinar. When it is time for the webinar to begin, the webinar organizer or moderator connects all of the speakers to the live webinar. At the end of the event, speakers can move back into the “green room” to debrief.

What do you do if you set up the webinar as a broadcast-audio event, but some attendees do not have speakers? Are users able to choose if they use speakers or phone?

Webinar organizers can choose to provide a traditional ReadyTalk dial-in number. This gives attendees and participants the flexibility to choose the option that is right for them.

What mobile app can participants use?

Candice mentioned that many of their participants connect to their webinars from their mobile devices. Currently, ReadyTalk has a free app for iPhones and iPads that allow attendees to join and participate in webinars from their mobile devices. An Android-compatible app will be available soon.  Download the mobile app now for iPhone and iPad.

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