Why You Should Reconsider Webinars for Lead Generation

Most successful marketers would agree that multi-channel marketing is the key to success. A sophisticated inbound marketing program can attract many different types of leads, and it will certainly keep the funnel full. What some organizations don’t know is that webinars are actually marketing’s best kept secret; they can be a good option for your marketing team when you have a limited budget and need high quality leads.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 62% of B2B marketers actually use webinars to prospect or nurture leads, and that number is continuing to grow. While the majority of businesses use webinars as a part of their lead generation strategies, some marketers are still questioning whether or not webinars are worth the time and money. And some have even written them off because they didn’t have good experiences in the past.

In our experience, webinars have shown to be the most cost efficient marketing tool that can bring in higher quality leads. However, if not planned properly or strategically, webinars won’t provide you with the results you’re looking for.

To help provide you with some great tips on hosting and conducting webinars, we surveyed some of our clients who have successful webinar programs. They provided six great recommendations for companies who want to use webinars in their lead generation programs in our latest eBook, “6 Reasons Why Other Companies’ Webinars are Better Than Yours.”

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the recommendations from the eBook:

Webinar Recommendation #6: Use email marketing for promotion and familiarize yourself with your webinar software features.

Using promotional efforts via email is one of the biggest drivers for webinar registration. Email promotions that are distributed more than seven days out, can increase registration up to 36%.

 Make sure to include a compelling title, a summary of your main points from the webinar presentation and a headshot with a brief bio of the presenter. Providing any additional information to your audience, such as contact information, Twitter handle, along with a hashtag, and background information on the speaker will help to spread awareness of your event.

Some webinar users don’t always know all the features to utilize when hosting their first event. If you’re a ReadyTalk customer, schedule a meeting with your account manager to learn more about the features we offer, so your webinar can be better than those other companies’.

Reconsider webinars for your lead generation programs. These webinar tips will help you bring in higher quality leads for a lower price. Download our eBook to learn about the other five reasons other companies’ webinars are better than yours.

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