Debunking Webinar Myth #3: Webinars produce quantity, but not quality.

Debunking Webinar Myth #3: Webinars produce quantity, but not quality.

Common Webinar MythsSometimes, we hear from customers that their webinars drove a ton of registrations or high attendance, but they didn’t feel like they generated many qualified leads. What gives?

A great webinar topic can drive a lot of interest from people in all buying stages. That means a lot of people might show up to your webinar, but they might not turn into qualified leads right away. This could give you a false sense of how we your webinar performed.

This is definitely one of the most important myths that needs to be dispelled.

Tweetable alert: Webinars provide a higher quality lead than most other lead generation tactics because prospects:

  • provide accurate data to gain access to the webinar,

  • are willing to give up their time to join the webinar for an extended period of time, and

  • they want to hear what you have to say.

If you feel like webinar attendees are not turning into qualified prospects, then it’s time to use some lead qualifying techniques to find and identify the best prospects:

  • On the sign up form, have an open-ended question that asks why the prospect is attending the webinar.

  • Conduct surveys or polls during the webinar to gather some insight into your attendees.


How many qualified leads do you usually get out of a webinar? Share your stories in the comments section below!


Stay tuned for the next post in this series about the myth surrounding webinar technology.

We know there are a lot of common misconceptions about webinars. They’re expensive, people never show up or something always goes wrong. But we also know webinars are a great lead generation tactic that provides companies with high quality leads. So, why all the bad press?

We’re here to debunk the most common webinar myths. Download “The Top 8 Common Webinar Myths” ebook to learn more:

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