Optimize Your Webinar Spending with the Webinar ROI Calculator

Optimize Your Webinar Spending with the Webinar ROI Calculator

webinar ROI calculatorAs a marketer, you’re probably asked to provide weekly results in order to justify your budget and efforts. Week over week, you’re continually trying to improve your efforts and you know you have to adjust quickly. In a multi-channel marketing world, that can be hard to do, especially with tactics that require more time and planning.

One tactic that requires more time and planning is webinars. While some may shy away from conducting them because it takes a lot of work to make them successful, they shouldn’t.  Why, you might ask? Webinars provide a higher quality lead than most other lead generation tactics because prospects:

  • Provide accurate data to gain access to the webinar,
  • Are willing to give up their time to join the webinar for an extended period of time, and
  • Want to hear what you have to say!

Furthermore, according to Ascend2, of the lead generation tactics available, webinars are the second most effective type of premium content for marketers.

But, how can you justify the expense and make it more cost effective, while still producing those high quality leads webinars provide?

A couple of weeks ago, we launched our Webinar ROI Calculator, which is designed to help you identify what your webinar program is costing you, and then offer some suggestions for better ROI. Using this calculator to analyze your current webinar plan will also help you have more meaningful conversations with your boss about why this tactic is worth it in the long-run.

Improve your marketing numbers while optimizing your webinar spend. Try our free Webinar ROI Calculator today.


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