5 Awesome Reasons to Attend Dreamforce ’14

Dreamforce ’14 is quickly approaching! Are you planning on attending? If you are still unsure and need just a little push to commit, check out these 5 awesome reasons to attend.

Having trouble communicating value of Dreamforce to your decision manager? Perhaps this will help.

If that doesn’t work, then do the following. It will make you feel better.

1. Navigate to this page
2. Turn up your computer’s volume
3. Press the button
4. Drop to your knees and shake your fists in the air
5. Try again next year


5 Awesome Reasons to Attend Dreamforce '14

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Brent is a 2x Salesforce MVP, Salesforce certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator and Developer. He is the Salesforce Platform Manager at ReadyTalk and co-leader of the Salesforce Denver User Group and runs AdminHero.com; a blog for Salesforce Administrators who want to become workplace heroes.

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