3 Helpful Tips for Successful Audio Conferences

“Time spent in audio conferences in the U.S. is expected to grow almost 10 percent a year through 2017,” according to Wainhouse Research.

3 Helpful Tips for Successful Audio ConferencesAs the mobility of businesses and individuals continues to grow, more cloud-based webinars and team meetings are taking place online, making quality audio conferencing imperative for effective collaboration during these events.

Simply put, audio conferencing enables teams to get things done anywhere, saving you time, money and energy. However, all great audio conferencing comes with the potential of great disaster, leaving participants shocked and you embarrassed in the wake of a meeting.

To avoid these unsavory situations, use these three tips for hosting successful audio conferences:


1. Find a quiet location and call in on time. 

It might sound like common sense, but it’s not always practiced. If you work in a cubicle farm or a loud office, it can be hard to have audio conferences at your desk. Take some time to find a conference room or quiet space to call in so that you can focus on what is being said instead of focusing on hearing what is said.

It is also important that you call in on time. There seems to be a common misconception that calling into a conference call a few minutes late isn’t a big deal because you’re not physically keeping someone waiting. However, everyone’s time should be respected, so let the other parties know if you’re going to be late at the very least.


2. Own the mute button and understand how to use it effectively.

The mute button was designed to help eliminate unwanted background noise on a call while others are speaking. Get in the habit of being aware of the mute button when you’re on audio calls. If it’s a habit, you’re more likely to use it appropriately. Own it, use it, love it.

However, many use it as a way to eliminate the sound of them typing,  chatting, or working. While we’re proponents of the mute button, don’t use it as an enablement tool to get away with doing something else. If you’re attending a meeting, then be an active participant.


3. Consider investing in a microphone that hooks up to your computer to help with sound quality.

Many people are actually surprised to learn that people will continue to watch videos with great sound quality even if the video quality isn’t very good. It makes sense though; even if you have somewhat of a blurry picture, you can still follow the story since you can hear what’s being said. If you have great video quality but terrible sound quality, you can see what’s happening, but, unless you can read lips, you can’t tell what’s being said.

Sound quality is crucial for audio conferences. To improve audio conferences across the board, you need to invest in quality tools. A microphone designed for your computer can be a great purchase, making your video conferences more successful.


Want to learn more about hosting successful audio conferences? Download our eBook, “10 Times Your Audio Conference Was Ruined“.

The other way to ensure your audio conferences are successful is by investing in a quality audio conferencing solution, like ReadyTalk. Meetings are an investment of your money and time, so why shouldn’t you have the tools to support effective collaboration?

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