5 Top Presentation Tips for Webinars

So you have decided to present a webinar to enlighten the general public or your entire staff about a particular topic, product or service. Now what? If you are looking to spice up your webinar, here are our top five presentation tips you need to know to succeed!

  1. Keep it short, sweet and on target.

No one wants to watch a webinar where you are essentially just reading straight off your slides. This didn’t work for your professor in college and it certainly won’t be successful if you are looking to wow your audience.

Use engaging keywords – not sentences – to get your point across on your slides. Don’t just show your audience what you will talk about – appeal to their curiosity and encourage them to depend on you for further elaboration and insight – not your slide show. Consider your slides to be a map, but you are the guide who interprets it for your audience.

  1. Keep your slideshow moving.

Unlike in-person presentations where you can spend many minutes speaking about just one slide, on a webinar, your audience will grow restless if their screen is fixated on one slide for long periods of time. In fact, the Telegraph indicates humans have about a 12 second attention span, which they noted was shorter than a goldfish’s.

To keep your attendees interested and coming back for more, over-prepare your slideshow. Include relevant transitions, highlights, extra images and more to keep your slideshow moving smoothly at least 20 or 40 seconds. While you may be talking about one topic, that doesn’t mean you slideshow needs to remain stagnant.

  1. Use graphics.

Too many numbers, figures and fine details will not only tire out your audience, but guarantee that their attention will wander. Use images and graphs liberally to help attendees understand key concepts or convey important ideas.

  1. Don’t over explain.

While your audience is seeing minimal on-screen text and ample graphics, of course they’ll be depending on you to explain key concepts to them. However, in the limited time span of your webinar, you don’t want to waste time on unnecessary details. Cover your topic, but don’t exhaust it. Just like you should keep your presentation slides short, sweet and on target, you should do the same with your explanations.

  1. Engage! Be interactive.

Use polls and audience interaction to encourage attendee participation and engagement early on. Begin with an audience poll to see what they already know or how they feel about a particular topic.

Then, reissue the same poll at the end of the presentation to see what they’ve learned. Not only will it necessitate listening and interaction from your audience, thus holding their interest, but it will provide objective metrics for future presentations. These results will indicate what you should change or improve on any webinars you conduct later on.

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